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These days I feel that Thailand skincare brands are developing so much and receiving so much love just like Korean brands, don't yo...

These days I feel that Thailand skincare brands are developing so much and receiving so much love just like Korean brands, don't you notice that too ? First, because the products from some brands are produced in Korea, plus they also use natural ingredients like aloe vera, snail, honey, etc that seems so friendly for our skin. That's the reason why I always excited whenever I receive package from Thailand skincare, just like how I feel when I received this face care from Jellys that consists of pure face soap, sunscreen cream, and bluefin tuna cream. I am pretty sure that most of you must be curious about these products, especially bluefin tuna cream, don't you ? Well, let's get to know about them !


Instructions in illustration format, so creative!

Whip net 

What it is :
The newest innovation of pure facial soap 7in1 that contains of natural extracts ; norwich hazel, tea tree oil, aloe vera, honey, ginseng, and lemon. It claims that it can absorbs dirt beneath the skin to reduce acne, oil excess, and makes skin looks radiant since the first time usage.

How to use :
Put the soap inside the whip net and rub it with sufficient water until it's foaming. Apply onto face then massage gently. Rinse with luke warm water.

My review :
Fresh yellow facial soap that comes in cute paper box packaging. This soap is safely secured inside the plastic and it comes with the whip net as well. It has sweet lemon scent that is pleasant for me, not too strong, just decent. I also like how it foams easily and gives fresh sensation since the first time usage. My face feels so clean, BUT, be careful if you have dry skin like me. This facial foam might makes your skin even more dry. Because I can feel that after using this product my skin becomes slightly stiff and less hydrated. That's why, it's way better for me to use this soap as it is, because I also realize that this may happen because of the foam ( fyi, most of foam products makes skin dry ).

- Cute packaging
- Interactive instruction
- Pleasant sweet lemon scent
- Foaming easily
- Gives fresh sensation
- Skin feels so clean

- Quite hard to store the soap after usage
- The foam might make skin dry

Rate : 3 out of 5
Price : IDR 65.000 ( around $ 4.30 )


After usage, the sunscreen cream somehow spilled everywhere around the jar

What it is :
Ultra light-weight texture yet oil free sunscreen cream that uniquely designed for daily use in high protection against UVA/UVB rays, environmental pollution, and radical damages. It claims that it can help prevent dark spots or pigmentation, skin aging, and makes skin looks brighter.

How to use :
After skincare, apply sufficient amount of sunscreen cream onto face using fingertips.

My review :
The packaging of this sunscreen cream is utterly creative ! It comes in hexagonal paper box that looks like a honey comb form and it's safely secured with plastic seal ( fyi, honey is also one of the ingredient of this product ). The jar made from acrylic and the size is quite tiny, unfortunately there is no spatula to take the cream and somehow when I opened the jar for second usage, the cream has spilled all around the lid of the jar. The texture of the cream is quite heavy as daily sun cream but it has fragrant smell that I really like. For me, it's more like BB cream rather than just sunscreen cream because it can also cover dark spots and some blemishes, plus it has matte result that can stay for around 4 hours ( just like you can see from the picture above ). It also brighten my face in a decent way. However, it's quite hard for this cream to absorb into my skin, so I highly recommend to use pat technique while blending this cream onto face.

- Utterly creative packaging
- Safely secured with plastic seal
- Pleasant fragrant smell
- Can be used as BB cream
- Matte result that can stay for around 4 hours
- Cover dark spots and some blemishes
- Brighten skin

- It doesn't come with spatula to take the cream ( less hygiene )
- Cream spilled out around the jar after usage
- Heavy creamy texture
- Quite difficult to absorb into skin

Rate : 3.25 out of 5
Price : IDR 65.000 ( around $4.30 ) / 10mL size


What it is :
A new innovation cream from bluefin tuna extract. It claims that it could brighten, soften, freshen up skin, regenerates skin cells, keeps skin well-moisturized, reduces acne, and dark spots.

How to use :
Apply sufficient amount onto face as day and/or night cream.

My review :
The packaging is so travel-friendly because it comes in sachet. Texture of this cream is very light and has sweet scent which makes it easy to absorb into skin. It makes skin look hydrated, moisturized, and feels so soft, but when I read the ingredient of the product, it actually contains of alcohol and I think it might be harmful for some skin type.

- Travel-friendly
- Light texture with pleasant scent
- Easy to absorb into skin
- Makes skin hydrated, moisturized, soft

- Contains alcohol

Rate : 2.5 out of 5 
Price : IDR 40.000 ( around $ 2.60 )

Although I am not really a fan of these new products from Jellys, I adore the innovation that they have created, especially the bluefin tuna cream, but if I have to mention my favorite product, it would be the sunscreen cream for sure. I feel that it could be my easiest way to wear light makeup without using BB Cream or foundation. So, if you curious about those products, simply head to their account Jellys ( for Indonesia residents ) and purchase your favorite one !

Special thanks to Sociolla :)

Overall rate : 3 out of 5

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  1. The sunscreen looks interesting. Although I feel like it will give me white cast :(


  2. I love the packaging on this. Also the soap sounds amazing. Would love to try it myself


  3. I like soaps a lot. This sounds like a good one. You've good skin I must say.


  4. I agree and I think that Thai brands are getting a bit more exposure. My sister always sends me loads of Asian skincare and I've only used a few Thai brands. Thanks for sharing. /Madison

  5. this looks great :D


  6. Well yes I have to say the packaging is soooo cute. Sounds like for the most part you found some great products too bad that the sun screen bb/cc cream does not absorb the way you like it as your skin looks great on the after photo

    Allie of

  7. I should definitely try the sunscreen, it sound really good! :)


  8. I love how delicate these products look, the soa might not be the best for me if the foam is quite drying on the skin but regardless it looks good, great review!

    Samantha x

  9. beautiful photos and it looks like great products!



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