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I always love attending fashion or beauty event in my city, Surabaya. Not only because I can meet and mingle with another people w...

I always love attending fashion or beauty event in my city, Surabaya. Not only because I can meet and mingle with another people who has similar interest with me, but there I can also gain more knowledge and experience about the field that I am really into - just like few days ago, September 28th to be exact. PIXY, together with HIPWEE held a beauty event called "Beauty and Inspiring Talk" in Airlangga University, Surabaya. Along with some beauty blogger fellows, I feel so honoured to be invited by them to join the talkshow and beauty class with Cynthian as the speaker. Wanna know more about what I got from this beauty event ? Kindly keep reading until the end :)

Mrs. Nur Hidayati, PT. Mandom Indonesia Tbk 's Marketing Manager 

Mrs. Mirtati, Airlangga University's Vice Dean III

The event was held in one of Airlangga's building which made me lost at first since the area's quite big, but thanks to one of the student, she showed me the way to the location of the event. As you can see from the picture above, there's a PIXY booth in front of the hall where people can easily buy the products for special price during the event. When I first entered the hall, I was quite surprised because there were lot of girls joining this beauty class, like around more than 70 people I guess (fyi, they're not only from Airlangga University, but also from another city!). Lucky my seat was in the front row with all the bloggers so I can see the whole event clearly. Each tables is decorated with mostly pink, equipped with PIXY beauty tools, and one voucher discount that can be used during the event only.

It was around 2 pm before the event was started by the warm greeting from the MC, then continued with the speech from Mrs. Nur Hidayati as the Marketing Manager from PT. Mandom Indonesia Tbk. She explained about the event that is also held in some cities like Medan, Jakarta, and Jogjakarta, newest PIXY products, especially about their recent re-branding with new logo and tagline. "My Beauty My Energy". After the short speech from Mrs. Nur Hidayati, Mrs. Mirtati as the Vice Dean from Airlangga University also greeted us and shared about how important for us to learn about makeup although we wont use it as our main job in the future.

Ice breaker game before the beauty class

Cynthian Sunartio as the speaker of the beauty class

Ms. Christin from PIXY's representative

 Makeup result done by Cynthian

Before the beauty class, the MC asked some participants to join the ice breaker game where they have to act like a beauty influencers and promoting PIXY product and its benefits. It was pretty quick but so much fun though. Feels like all of them were very confident while promoting PIXY's products and made the hall got warmer because of burst with laugh and cheers. Or am I just too old to do such a thing ?

After the ice breaker game, Cynthian as the speaker of the beauty class introducing herself and together with Ms. Christin that's going to accompany her during the demo, they explained to us about the makeup that she's going to do with the model, Bella - using all PIXY products from skincare until the decoratives. She chose natural, innocent makeup as the theme since it's very presentable and suits with Asian girls. During the class, she shared about how important is skincare for a great makeup result, especially if we live in tropical country. She also shared some beauty hack, especially how we can use shimmer eyeshadow as highlighter if we runs of it. The makeup was done for around 1.5 hours and as you can see the makeup result above, it looks soft, natural, and the aegyo-sal makeup is definitely my thing!

Besides beauty class, during the event PIXY also held few competitions like "Best Makeup Look", "Instagram Selfie Competition", and also special doorprizes for beauty class participants. For us the bloggers, they also gave each of us a goodie bag with lot of PIXY products, including their newest products, compact powder and concealing base. They're just too generous and I just can't wait to try their products !

Inside my goodie bag

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