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Some ladies who are suffering to find perfect lip cream because of dry lips problem, tend to move their choice to satin lip cream in...

Some ladies who are suffering to find perfect lip cream because of dry lips problem, tend to move their choice to satin lip cream instead of matte. They said satin lip cream's texture is not as dry as typical of matte lip cream but it's not as glossy as the creamy one. Frankly, I am included as that one person who always suffer to find a perfect lip cream because my lips are super dry, like - most of the times they always dry even though I have put lip balm or moisturizer before wearing lip cream. So, is this satin lip cream really worth the hype and suits for people who has dry lips like me ? This time, together with Indonesia's top brand, PAC Cosmetic and Surabaya Beauty Blogger, I am going to prove the effectiveness of satin lip cream on my lips. Let's begin the review !

What it is :
This satin lip cream collection from PAC is the new solution for dry lips problem because of its light weight, smooth formula ( no cracking and weightless sensation ). It contains UV protection, moisturizer complex, Bisabolol ( as anti irritant ) so it would create intense color with high coverage and waterproof. It also claims that this product has no paraben, anti-animal test, and halal.

Consists of 7 shades : 
01-Silk Cherry, 02- Dolce Bennet, 03-Misty Chocolate, 04-Unberable Goddess, 05-Lilac Power, 06-Pink Frontline, 07-Purple Demigod.

Wiped with tissue

After cleansing, still can see slight color of the bold shades

Light-weight, clear, doff lip cream tube that comes with black paper box. It has decent, soft doe-applicator but the tube's hole is somehow a bit narrow so it's quite difficult to pull the doe-applicator out. The expired date can only be found on the paper box and the side tube of the lip cream. Unfortunately, it comes without any seal.

Slight thick-creamy texture with sweet-candy scent, and has great color pigmentation especially for the bold color range.

All shades are very intense indeed with satin matte result that is very soft and makes my lips look plump. They glide smoothly on my lips but for few seconds after applied, I can feel a bit sticky, then it slowly faded. As you can see from the swatches above, almost all of the colors are easily-blend in except 04-Unbearable Goddess. It has slight metallic finish and it needs quite a while for the color to finally blend. For the staying power, it's decent enough. It can stay for around 5 hours ( with eating and drinking ) before the color is slowly faded. The downside I found from this lip cream is that the color is actually transferable and my lips start to flaky after few hours wearing it. Surprisingly, although it has slight thick, creamy texture, it actually doesn't dry my lips at all although I don't wear lip balm or any lip moisturizer before, 

- Playful color range
- Decent doe-foot applicator
- Super intense colors, especially the bold shades
- Satin matte result, creates plump lips
- No paraben, anti animal test, halal
- Decent staying power ( around 5 hours )
- Doesn't dry lips

- No seal packaging
- Transferable
- Flaky after few hours

Truth to be told, I am not a fan of any color from this collection but I like 04-Unbearable Goddess because it has metallic result and 06-Pink Frontline because of its super feminine color. I guess for this satin lip cream collection, PAC is doing the bold shades really great but for the nude/neutral shades, I think it makes our lips look more pale (02-Dolce Bennet, 03-Misty Chocolate, and 05-Lilac Power). So, if you're curious to try this lip cream collection, especially for those who have dry lips, you can purchase immediately at any cosmetic stores around you or if you live in Surabaya, stop by at Centro Department Store Galaxy Mall because currently they hold a promotion event there.

Well, here is my #xPACtation, what's yours ?
On my lips : 04-Unbearable Goddess ( for this look, I did ombre lips anyway )

Price : IDR 110.000 ( around $7.20 )
Rate : 4 out of 5

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  1. Wow! This Lip Cream looks and sounds so great!


  2. really nice lipsticks!


  3. Baru tau banget kalo PAC ngluarin lipstik satin juga. Yg warna soft nggak terlihat pucat kok dikamu mbak, cantik2 shadenya.




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