Surabaya Fashion Parade 2018

The time has come again for the biggest annual fashion show in Surabaya which named Surabaya Fashion Parade. This event has been...

The time has come again for the biggest annual fashion show in Surabaya which named Surabaya Fashion Parade. This event has been held for 10 years and now for the 11th times, SFP, which it usually called - is ready to jazz up Surabaya with UN11TE as the theme. UN11TE comes from French word Unité, which means the unity of various elements that will creates something unique and magnificent.

Still focusing on Indonesian culture just like last year, UN11TE is categorized into 5 themes for the fashion show : Ethnic, Cocktail, Moslem & Modest Wear, Party, and Urban & Avant Garde - that will be held for 5 days from May, 2nd - 6th at Chameleon Hall Tunjungan Plaza 6 5th floor, Surabaya. Besides fashion show, there will be various events such as competitions ( Batik Pattern Creation competition, Surabaya Fashion Designer Award, and Surabaya Model Search ), talkshow, and fashion exhibition from 40 famous clothing brands ( this one will be held in Tunjungan Plaza 6 Atrium 2nd floor ).

As a person who have been working in fashion industry for almost 3 years, SFP is literally an event that can really open my eyes about current trend in Indonesia's fashion industry, especially for Surabaya market - because actually there are lot of competent, talented local designers that really influence Surabaya people's opinion about fashion like for example Dibya from Interim Clothing who is often works with unexpected silhoutte, unique fabrics, and shift dresses style or Embran Nawawi who is very master at combining batik with modern fabrics, plays more with colors which makes every pieces are very cool and stylish. Besides them, there are many other designers whose designs are incredible as well such as Catherine Njoo, Yunita Kosasih, Mega Ma, Ajeng Cahyaning, many more - and the good news is they will participate for SFP !

Well, that's pretty much I can share about SFP 2018. For you guys who won't miss the show, check out their website here for more details about the event. I just can't wait to watch the show and feel the thrill just like what I felt since past 2 years ago ! Fyi, I am going attend the show on the second day, May, 3rd and I am going to update more about my experience there, so please stay tuned :)


DAY 1 ( May, 2nd ) : ETHNIC 
Designers : Alphiana Chandrajani, IR Clothing, Interim Clothing, Novita Yunus, Jarit x Dru, Deden Siswanto

DAY 2 ( May, 3rd ) : COCKTAIL
Designers : Cecilia Widjaja, Winarni Widjaja, Jeanie Tandra, Marley Heart, Yuliana Huang x Uniart, Alben Ayub Andal

DAY 3 ( May, 4th ) : MOSLEM & MODEST WEAR
Designers : Raniah, Riris Ghofir, Dewi Nurshanti, Ajeng Cahyaning, Sanet Sabintang, Fiky Aisha, Eugeneffects, Neera Alatas, Fitri Aulia, Irma Intan, Sad Indah, Listya Dyan Rahayu, Elly Virgowati, Elva Fauqo, Tufiana, Laksmi, Belinda Ameliyah x Selvi Dania, Lia Siregar feat Kalyanaku, Fahima Al Chatib, Saffana.

DAY 4 ( May, 5th ) : PARTY
Designers : Catherine Njoo, Arva School of Fashion x Kaynala by Susanna Andriyanto, Nafil Apim, Ira Agustine, Project Merah Putih IFC Surabaya with Ario Anindito, Mega Ma, Diana Putri, Devy Ros.

DAY 5 ( May, 6th ) : URBAN & AVANT GARDE
Designers : Aldre, Yunita Kosasih, Stella Lewis, Bateeq, Phillip Iswardono, Agus Sunandar, Voravaj, Josephine Tan, Obib Nahrawi, Sonny Nagasurya, Sofie.



As I said before, I got an VIP invitation for SFP Day 2 with "Cocktail" as the theme of the day. There are total 6 designers presented their collection in Chameleon Hall Tunjungan Plaza 6 - started from Blooms by Cecilia Widjaja, Marley Heart, Winarni Widjaja, Jeanie Tandra, Yuliani Huang x Uniart, until Alben Ayub Andal for the finale show. Without many explanations, let's check these breathtaking collection by Indonesia local designers !

Mostly work with black-gold silhouette and little statements, BLOOMS by Cecilia Widjaja pleased the audiences with the current one shoulder trend, sequins, and pencil skirt that all elegant women need!

Focusing on pleated see-through mesh tulle fabric, bustier, layering, with statement neck pieces, Marley Heart presented romantic nude for the runway show which very sweet yet elegant. Somehow their collection reminds me of Valentino's collection.

Brought 'Ocean' as the theme, the collection were dominated with wave and shells silhouette as the details, shift dresses - with soft organza as the main fabrics.

Slightly similar with Winarni Widjaja and Marley Heart, Jeanie Tandra presented nude color palette for her collection with the combination of satin and organza on each pieces, soft ruffles, from one shoulder until cape form.

Personally, this is the most breathtaking moment for me. As you can see here, the collection has Japanese theme which bringing 'Seikaha' or blue sea wave ( popular Japanese pattern ) to the next level. Looks dark yet feminine and elegant, this collection successfully made me keep wondering on how each looks were made very specific along with the asymmetrical geometric forms and tiny details.

The collection presented one tone color only - which is silver. Each gown has their own uniqueness and since the fabric itself is already pretty, touch of silver ribbon makes it even prettier !

Overall, all collection from the designers are indeed unique and very modern - also most of them are really keen into current trends which are see-through fabrics, one shoulder form, and soft colored palettes. Standing applause to all of the collection and I just can't wait to experience more of upcoming runway show !

With talented fashion designer, conceptor Embran Nanawi, Ce Fanny, and My sister Grace

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