Marcks probably sounds very familiar for Indonesian girls because of their well-known loose powder. While recently, come back with thei...

Marcks probably sounds very familiar for Indonesian girls because of their well-known loose powder. While recently, come back with their sister brand, Venus, Marcks presented their newest body care product which is Anti Aging Body Serum - and thanks to my beloved Surabaya Beauty Blogger, I got chance to be invited at Venus's Beauty Gathering at Singgasana Hotel, listened and got more knowledges about how to maintain our skin with Mrs. Tri Tunggal, Dr. Linda, and Stefani Gabriela as the speakers. There, I also learned more about what exactly Body Serum is. Want to know more about it ? Please keep reading the article :)

From left to right : Vania, Ce Nessya, My Sister - Grace, Me

Mrs. Tri Tunggal, Dr. Linda, and Stefani Gabriela 

Supported by Tabloid Bintang, the talk show event was held neatly from beginning to the end. Mrs. Tri Tunggal as the representative from Venus introduced us the Anti Aging Body Serum - an innovation of body care which contains collagen and red algae that are usually used for anti aging products. Dr. Linda also talked more about how to maintain our skin since young age, how to know our skin type so we can choose our cosmetic products wisely - while Stefani Gabriela as the beauty influencer shared about some tips how she maintains her skin by healthy lifestyle. 

The event wasn't over just like that. Each of us got chance to try Venus's newest product which is body serum, along with another products : body milk, loose powder, compact powder, and facial wash. Since Venus's body serum is the newest one, I decided to just share with you my honest opinion about this product, so let's get to know more about this body serum :)

Contrast with another Venus products which always use blue for the packaging color, this body serum comes in white-red sturdy tube form, sealed with aluminium foil on the tube.

Light, slight creamy slight gel with pleasant fragrance scent.

Since the first time I applied this body serum on my body, I just feel like I can't stop smelling my skin, lol. Well, the scent is very nice and not too strong, also can stay for quite long time which is perfect for me. Although needs quite some while for the body serum to absorbs into skin, but once it absorbs, it doesn't feel greasy at all. Honestly, until now I still can't find the 'anti-aging' effect on my skin, but I love using this product because it moisturize and soothe my skin pretty well. Because of the light texture, I think this body serum would be perfect for any skin type.

- Securely sealed packaging
- Light texture
- Pleasant fragrance scent
- Non-greasy
- Moisturizing and soothing
- Fit for any skin type
- Very affordable ( around IDR 22.000 / $1.5 )

- Only comes in one size ( 100 mL )
- Need quite some while to absorbs into skin

Overall, I do recommend this product for those who is looking for affordable yet non-greasy body moisturizer. I bet this body serum would be perfect for summer holiday since it's very light but very soothing for any skin type. The good news is, we can easily find this product at any convenience store, drug store, or even online shop :)

Price : around IDR 22.000 / $1.5
Rate : 3.5 out of 5

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