[EVENT + REVIEW] Rubiena Brightening Series

Every girl dreams of bright, flawless, healthy skin, but not many people consider to take care of their skin. Frankly, I used to b...

Every girl dreams of bright, flawless, healthy skin, but not many people consider to take care of their skin. Frankly, I used to be one of them too. I didn’t really do skin care routine because I was too lazy to follow the steps and ended up only using moisturizer. However, my point of view about skin care products changed since I attended an event held by Rubiena Beauty, a new local brand which currently focusing on their brightening skin care products.

Founder of Rubiena Beauty

With my gorgeous sister, Grace 

With Surabaya Beauty Blogger Fellows

The event was held in Bon Ami, one of the most well-known restaurant in Surabaya. Based from the explanation from Mrs. Susan, Operational Head of Rubiena Beauty, I learned that bright, flawless, healthy skin should be treated since we’re young and it cannot be instantly achieved. We need process and persistence. I also knew that beautiful skin is not seen by the colour of our skin but from how healthy and bright it is. Hence, by bringing “Cerah Itu Cantik” ( Bright is Beautiful ) as their slogan, Rubiena wants to engage Indonesian women to achieve their bright, healthy skin through Rubiena’s Basic Step 3+1.

Rubiena Brightening Series enriched with :

- ARBUTIN : to disguise spots.
- GREEN TEA : helps disguise spots, keep moisture and elasticity of skin, anti-oxidant to protect skin from free radicals.
- LICORICE : helps disguise spots, anti-oxidant to protect skin from free radicals.
- ALOE VERA : prevents inflammation, provides moisture, protects skin from free radicals and regenerates cells.
- VITAMIN C : to disguise spots.

What is Rubiena’s Basic Step 3+1 ?
It’s basically skin care steps from cleansing ( STEP 1 ), softening ( STEP 2 ), moisturizing ( STEP 3 ), plus serum to maximize the process of skin regeneration.

Consists of cleaning lotion and facial wash. At this step, Rubiena recommends us to do double cleansing for maximum result.


What it is :
Cleanser in lotion form which helps to cleanse face from makeup, makes skin clean and bright without containing any alcohol.

How to apply :
Pour sufficient amount onto palm, then massage to all over face. Rub with tissue, then continue with facial wash.

My Review :
This cleansing lotion has super soft texture with pleasant scent. It doesn’t sticky on my face and easily rubbed with tissue. I can really feel my skin hydrated after using this product, but we have to take note about one thing. It is not cleansing oil but lotion, so it cannot completely cleanse waterproof makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick.

Price : IDR 65.000 ( around $5 )
Rate : 4.5 out of 5


What it is :
Cleanser in gel form, helps to remove dirt after makeup on skin’s surface, makes skin clean and bright. Suits for any skin type and not containing alcohol.

How to apply :
Use it every morning and night. Pour sufficient amount onto palm and create the bubbles, massage to all over face then rinse it off.

My Review :
I found it quite hard to pull out the gel from the tube and the scent is quite strong for me. However, I like how it doesn’t create too much bubbles which means it prevents my skin to dry. I love how soft the texture is and it can cleanse my face perfectly without leaving any sticky feeling.

Price : IDR 80.000 ( around $6 )
Rate : 3.5 out of 5

One of the important step to soften our skin so it can absorb skin care products that we're going to apply after.


What it is :
It's basically similar with toner which helps absorbing skin care products, remove dirt after makeup so that skin feels clean and fresh. It also keep our skin well-moisturized. This product suits for any skin type, not containing alcohol and perfume.

How to apply :
Apply after cleansing with facial wash. Pour sufficient amount onto facial cotton then rub all over face carefully.

My Review :
Just like how it claims, it doesn't smell anything. It has watery texture and it absorbs into skin super fast. I like the cool sensation after applying this softener but somehow I felt a bit itchy at the same time. However, the itchiness only lasts for a minute.

Price : IDR 80.000 ( around $6 )
Rate : 3.25 out of 5

Consists of Day Moisturizing Gel and Night Moisturizing Gel which help to moisturize and brighten skin.


What it is :
Moisturizer in gel form with SPF 15  to moisturize, brighten, and protect our skin from UV radiance. Suits for any skin type, without containing alcohol and perfume.

How to apply :
Apply every morning after softener and serum. Take sufficient amount, dab onto forehead-cheeks-nose-chin, then rub all over face gently.

My Review :
It's more like cream rather than gel and I like it because it works on my dry skin. It also moisturizes my skin pretty well without leaving any patch nor oil excess hours later.

Price : IDR 130.000 ( around $9.6 )
Rate : 4 out of 5


What it is :
Night moisturizer which can regenerate skin cells. Suits for any skin type, without containing alcohol and perfume.

How to apply :
Apply every night after softener and serum. Take sufficient amount, dab onto forehead-cheeks-nose-chin, then rub all over face gently.

My Review :
This probably my favorite product from Rubiena Brightening Series because I don't have anything to complain. It absorbs very well and the super soft gel texture is just perfect. I can feel my skin is full hydrated right after applying this product. If I need to suggest something, probably better if it comes with mini spatula to take the gel.

Price : IDR 125.000 ( around $9.25 )
Rate : 5 out of 5 

It categorized as step +1 which helps to maximize process of skin regeneration and to complete those 3 major steps.

What it is :
Serum which functions are to moisturize, disguise spots, black spots, also helps to slow aging problems. Suits for any skin type, without containing any alcohol and perfume.

How to apply :
Apply every morning and night after softener, before day/night moisturizing gel. Pour sufficient amount, dab onto forehead-cheeks-nose-chin then rub all over face.

My Review :
It has light gel texture and I can feel that this serum soften my skin right after applying it. It blends and absorbs well on my skin. However, I need extra effort to press the pump. It always ends up with the serum spills out everywhere.

Price : IDR 150.000 ( around $11 )
Rate : 3.5 out of 5

I've been using this Rubiena Brightening Series for days and I admit that I'm liking it ! First, because most of their products are not containing alcohol or perfume and perfect for sensitive skin. Moreover, the result on mine is awesome ! You know, I am typical of person who always check my skin's condition every morning after waking up to see if there's any difference and I am pretty amazed with the result of Rubiena Brightening Series. I can obviously see the natural glow on my face, my skin looks so much healthier, and I even barely see any blemish after using those products daily. 

So, for you guys who are curious about this brand and want to try, you can easily contact here : SELLER LIST. Don't worry to try them out because Rubiena's products are sertified by BPOM already and definitely HALAL.

Are you ready for bright, healthy skin ?

Rubiena Beauty's Website : www.rubienabeauty.com
Rubiena Beauty's Instagram : www.instagram.com/rubienabeauty

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  1. I've actually never heard of this brand before, looks interesting

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  3. Sounds like a perfect cosmetics for me, I will try to get them :-)

  4. Glad to hear that you're pleased with the result of the products of this brand - personally I also prefer cosmetics without alcohol and parfum :) What's more, I have to admit that you and your sister are so pretty, girls :)
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  6. Products look wonderful! By the way, event looks great as well ♥ Do you really use only a moisturizer? I have 8 step skincare routine and my face is dry anyway :D

    Thank you for sharing. Never heard of this brand before.


    1. Yes, I used to only use moisturizer and mask sometimes but these days I changed it :) Thank you for stopping by anyway <3

  7. interesting product.
    banyak macemnya ya...


  8. I love when products live to their true potential. Ha!! This sounds like great beauty goodies for my skin. Thanks for sharing Chelshea. Great informative review!!


  9. I love these posts where you attend so many events. They're so interesting.
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  10. These look good! xx


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