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My foreigner readers may seem unfamiliar with brand Naavagreen , but I am pretty sure that my Indonesian beauty fellows knew well wh...

My foreigner readers may seem unfamiliar with brand Naavagreen, but I am pretty sure that my Indonesian beauty fellows knew well what Naavagreen is - a well known beauty clinic originally from Jogjakarta which has spread its wings to some cities, including Surabaya. So, less than two weeks ago, I was attending beauty blogger gathering held by Naavagreen together with another beauty blogger fellows in Kabinet Coffee Ngagel, Surabaya. As always, I had so much fun there and here I want to share with you guys the experience I had on that day, please keep reading :)

Mrs. Lilies as the MC 

Gita and Claresta, the mood makers of the event 

dr. Intan Rahayu and Mr. Deka as the speakers 

The event warmly opened by my favorite MC, Mrs. Lilies from WomanBlitz and then continued with brand introduction by Mr. Deka, Naavagreen's Brand Manager. Literally, Naavagreen is the sister brand of Natasha Skin Clinic Center and has been established since 2012 in Jogjakarta. Just like Natasha, Naavagreen also has its own factory to produce high quality yet affordable skin care products and always use natural ingredients only.

Dr. Intan Rahayu as the beauty expert from Naavagreen continued the talk show by explaining more or less about Naavagreen's beauty services such as body treatment, facial, skin tightening therapy, LAT ( Light-Active Therapy), etc. From this talk show, I just knew that Naavagreen has their own cream market, so we can choose and buy our day, night cream, body scrub, CC cream or any other skin care products as many as we need !

Starter Sampler by Kabinet Coffee Ngagel 

Fish and Chips by Kabinet Coffee Ngagel 

From left to right : Bella, Ce Mindy, Ce Fanny, Me, and Ce Shelvi 

Later after the talk show, we moved to another section which was words spelling game. I must say that the key of winning this game is team work. My team was solid enough though, but we didn't win, lol ! However, it was fun enough to make the room became warmer. After more or less two hours spending time together, the event was officially ended, but before we left, we had ritual group photos just like usual, then each of us received a cute tote bag consists of CC cream, cleanser, body scrub, pouch, and succulent plant, yeah I know it's so unique !

Thank you Naavagreen for having me and I can't wait to try the products ! 

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  1. Waa seru event-nya! Goodie bag nya juga lucu, ada kaktus nya hihii... Ku tunggu review CC cream nya, Chels^^ Gara-gara akhir-akhir ini sering denger tentang Naavagreen juga jadi kepo aku :D
    Btw, you outfit is sooo chic & pretty, Chelshea *like always


  2. Wow, really amazing event, so nice and interesting! Like it so much!
    Fantastic photos dear!Also I love your design of blog, it's perfect!

    New post is on my blog. Visit me, Maleficent

  3. Looks so fun yaa kak! Hopefully bisa seevent sama kamuhh..

    Kiko Kim

  4. Very nice event!!! Cosmetics looks great :-)

  5. I've never heard of navaagreen! This product looks awesome! And wow, this event looks like sooo much fun.

    xo, Allie


  6. Wow! Fantastic!!!

  7. Really nice <3
    Bisous from Peru


  8. This event looked like so much food, see you looking Gorgeous and pretty.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  9. Fantastic post!
    Kisses :)
    Soslu Badem by Dilek



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