[REVIEW] PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series All Shades

Everyone loves matte lip cream, thanks to Kylie for creating this hype. Well, we all know that there are lot of brands either internati...

Everyone loves matte lip cream, thanks to Kylie for creating this hype. Well, we all know that there are lot of brands either international or local, launch their own version of matte lip cream in various quality and price, including PIXY. Known as one of the most well-known local beauty brand, PIXY finally released their matte lip cream in nude series after receiving positive feedbacks for their bold series. So, without too much introduction, let's just get deeper into this product :)

What it is :
Lip cream with soft texture and long lasting matte finish. Its soft base formula gives light feels and prevents lips from dryness.

Bold Series consists of 6 shades : 01 Chic Rose, 02 Party Red, 03 Classic Red, 04 Fun Fucshia, 05 Edgy Plum, and 06 Bold Maroon.

Nude Series consists of 6 shades which categorized as 3 major colors ( pink - brown - orange ) : PINK ( 07 Vintage Rose & 08 Delicate Pink ), BROWN ( 09 Glam Coral & 10 Sweet Choco ), ORANGE ( 11 Gaudy Orange & 12 Mild Peach ).

Wiped with tissue 

Light-weighted black-pink tube with doe foot applicator which has decent size. It comes with paper box with no seal at all ( neither on the tube nor the paper box ). 

The color is so pigmented and the real color is exactly same with the color on the box. It has super soft creamy texture with slight scent ( I can't really tell the scent, but I guess it slightly similar to chocolate milk scent ).

I only need one glide to create a perfect colored full lips and just like what I said before, the color is super pigmented. It's easy to blend onto my lips so I didn't have to wait too long for the color to dry. However, it feels slight sticky when I touched my lips and then I started to see some patches on my lips after wearing this lip cream for few hours, but the staying power is incredible though. It stays on its place for more than 5 hours with drinking or eating so I don't even need to re-touch the color. For the transfer proof ability - as you can see from the picture above, I tried to wipe the color swatches with tissue and I was amazed because 90% of the colors were still on place !

- Light weighted packaging
- Decent doe foot applicator
- High pigmentation
- Economic ( only need one glide to cover full lips )
- Easy to blend
- Great staying power
- Great transfer-proof
- Super affordable price ( less than IDR 50.000 / $3.8 )

- Sticky feeling after applying the lip cream
- Leaves some patches after several hours

Let's sum this up! This lip cream is perfect for day to night makeup since it has great staying power and transfer-proof, but if you have super dry lips like me, don't you ever forget to apply lip balm before applying this lip cream. If not, it will leave some cracks on your lips although it doesn't really harms your lips, only feels a bit uncomfortable. I personally love the soft texture of this lip cream and the neutral colors. This lip cream is totally perfect for Autumn makeup, especially 09 Glam Coral, my first crush !

Bare Lips

Actually you can also do another ombre creation by combining two colors of PIXY Lip Cream. I think 10 Sweet Choco will looks great combined with 08 Delicate Pink. First apply 08 Delicate Pink all over your lips then apply 10 Sweet Choco to your inner lips, what do you think ? Sounds nice, right ? So, let me know which color is your favorite :)

Price : under IDR 50.000 ( $3.8 )
Rate : 4.5 out of 5

PIXY's Website : www.pixy.co.id
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/PIXYIndonesiaOfficial
Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/pixycosmetics/
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/pixyindonesia 
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/PixyIndonesia

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  1. Wonderful Nude Series my dear, I love 11 Gaudy Orange.

  2. Wow, amazing post dear! So interesting products, look so nice and really useful! Lovely colors!


  3. I love this brand so much, and my current everyday to work lippy is by Pixy! Thanks for sharing these new shades, will definitely get one!


  4. What a wonderful color my dear !!!
    HAve a great day

  5. Gorgeous colors! Loving the #11


  6. Warnanya cakep cakeeepppp 😍😍😍


  7. Fantastic post!
    Kisses :)
    Soslu Badem by Dilek

  8. I don´t really like nude browney colours, but these ones look very pretty! °₊·ˈ

    Blog de la Licorne

  9. I really like matte lipsticks, they're definitly my favourite!
    Those colors are gorgeous and look really good on you.
    I followed your blog! Kiss x

    Daniela Santos Blog | Instagram

  10. Hello,

    So cuute !

    Sarah, http://www.sarahmodeee.fr/

  11. When I saw this, I had to stop by! Shades looks beautiful ♥ I love how 07 Vintage Rose is still in kind of nude shade with a soft pink tone. Great review :))


  12. I love the vintage rose, but for you the delicate pink is the perfect shade. Looks gorge on you, Chelshea.

  13. nomor 10 sama 11 jadi favorit akuuuuu :))))




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