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Last Saturday, I was attending a beauty event held by PIXY , one of the most popular beauty brand in Indonesia. This was my first ...

Last Saturday, I was attending a beauty event held by PIXY, one of the most popular beauty brand in Indonesia. This was my first time joining PIXY's event and I think it was such a fun event although at first I was intended to not attending this event because the location was so far from my house. The event was held at Royal Plaza Surabaya and for approximately 2 hours, we enjoyed each session with Miharu Julie ( famous beauty blogger from Jakarta ), Mikha Tambayong ( Indonesian actress & PIXY's ambassador ), and Robby Yamaguchi ( Make Up Artist ). While waiting for the event to begin, we were allowed to take photo anywhere, retouch makeup at makeup desk booth, experienced VR, or just take selfie at Purikura booth.

Purikura Photobooth 

The event was opened by Annisa Dewi as the MC and she introduced us the newest product of PIXY which is Lip Cream Nude Color. Actually, PIXY already has their own lip cream series in bold colors but because of pleasant responds from customers, they finally launched lip cream in nude series and it's not just usual nude lip cream though. PIXY's Lip Cream Nude Color is specifically designed for asian women and categorized as three major shades : pink, brown, and orange - just like what Mrs. Dian Utari ( PIXY's ads and promotion representative ) said. At this launching event as well, Mrs. Dian said that Surabaya is the last city they visited and they currently hold various competition for beauty lovers too.

Mrs. Dian Utari

Quick Swatches of PIXY's Lip Cream Nude Color :
( from left to right ) 07 Vintage Rose - 08 Delicate Pink - 09 Glam Coral - 10 Sweet Choco - 
11 Gaudi Orange - 12 Mild Peach

Miharu Julie, beauty blogger from Jakarta 

After warm greeting and short speech from Mrs. Dian, the MC called the first speaker who's also a famous beauty blogger from Jakarta, Miharu Julie. There, she shared her journey as beauty blogger where she started it all from bottom and did that as hobby. She also shared some blogging tips which are so helpful for me and I think it will be helpful for you too, so here I enlisted her tips :
1. Use responsive template which has social friendly as well.
2. Create specific title for your article.
3. Consider about photography technique ( editing, styling, and camera function ).
4. Blog-walking, comment, and support each other.
5. Share to another social media.
6. Make a certain content for your social media, for example if you're more into beauty, then create a consistent post related to beauty, but you can sometimes mix it with another post.
7. Join in a community.
8. Hosting a giveaway.
9. Join in related event and competition.
10. Keep productive and active to your followers.
11. One of the most important thing : choose a certain theme for your blog content.

Beside that, she also shared her impression for PIXY's new lip cream nude colors and she proved that this lip cream has pigmented color and very long lasting. Well, let's prove it together, because I am going to review PIXY's lip cream nude colors in the next post !

Robby Yamaguchi, Make Up Artist 

IG Live Report and Makeup Challenge Winners 

The winners with Mikha Tambayong, PIXY's ambassador

Later after sharing session with Miharu Julie, we moved into another session which is makeup demo by Robby Yamaguchi. Accompanied by his partner, Miharu Julie, and PIXY's ambassador, Mikha Tambayong, he showed us how to do a fresh natural asian makeup using all PIXY's products. The result was pretty nice though and I think this makeup will suitable for our daily activity, fresh and not too much.

The last session was makeup challenge. This time, we were asked to group as 3 and do makeup with PIXY products, including PIXY lip cream nude color, but each person in a group need to use different color shade ( pink-brown-orange ). I was teamed up with Hilda and Fani, I was using 09 Glam Coral, Hilda was using 12 Mild Peach, while Fani was using 07 Vintage Rose. Although we didn't win the makeup challenge, it was so fun though since this makeup challenge made me got new friends !

Finally the event came to an end and the MC announced the winner of the IG live report and makeup challenge, along with the best dressed as well. The winner also got chance to take photo together with Mikha Tambayong and then before the event officially end, just as usual, we took mandatory photo and each of us received huge goodie bag from PIXY, yay!

I was using PIXY Lip Cream Nude Color in 09 Glam Coral 

Outfit of the Day : Pastel pink and blue 

Together with Olin and Ce Mindy 

With generous Miharu Julie

Thank you PIXY for having me and please stay tuned for my review which will be up in less than 24 hours on my blog :)

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  1. Thanks a lot :D
    so if you try, tell me your experience :D

    you always have nice events and this looks amazing :D The lipsticks have nice colors :o

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  2. Waa... asiikk banget acaranya, dapat goodie bag banyak pula :)
    Glam Coral bagus banget di kamu, Chels. Match banget sama rambut kamu... suka! Warna-warna lain juga bagus2, jadi pingin coba <3


  3. What a great event, love the swatches of the nude lippies.

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