[EVENT] Surabaya Beauty Blogger's 1st Anniversary

How does it feel when you got chance to join in a community where you can meet people with the same interest as you ? I am sure that y...

How does it feel when you got chance to join in a community where you can meet people with the same interest as you ? I am sure that you will feel just like what I feel - blessed and greatful. So, a community where I joined since months ago called Surabaya Beauty Blogger, finally celebrated its 1st anniversary on Saturday, September 9th at Muttonbird Bistro & Rooftop, Surabaya. It was full of laugh, pink, and cosmetics ( for sure ). Then how about the event itself ? Keep scrolling to find out more :)

Face2Face Cosmetics, one of the main sponsors

Pleasant Meals Served by Muttonbird Resto & Rooftop

Ce Mindy, founder of Surabaya Beauty Blogger

Surabaya Beauty Blogger's Committee : Ce Mindy, Ce Nessya, Ce Shelvi, and Dyta 

Mrs. Lilies, founder of WomanBlitz , woman online magazine.

Mrs. Elly Sagita, founder of Me-Nail, Nail Art and Nail Academy

The event was opened by two of SBB members who were also MC of the day, Claresta and Gita. They're such a perfect duo I think, since they succesfully enliven the atmosphere with their incredible jokes, lol! After some chit-chats, Ce Mindy, as founder of Surabaya Beauty Blogger, welcomed the invitees, sponsors, and introduced SBB's committee. 

First session was from Me-Nail. We learned how to apply fake nail properly guided by the founder herself, Mrs. Elly Sagita. In this session I just knew that we just need seconds to put fake nail but almost half hour to take it off ( which means nail glue from Me-Nail is super gooood! ).The step is super easy though : just soak our nail in a lukewarm water then wait until the fake nail detached.

Dr. Dewi from Clariskin

Dr. Junivan, founder of Clariskin 

Mrs. Ida, representative from Face2Face was explaining their newest product 

Done with nail session with Me-Nail, Mrs. Dewi from Clariskin took over the stage. She introduced us their newest service which is Face Reading. Through this service, we can upload our selfie, tag Clariskin, and ask for an online consultation with Clariskin's doctors then they will suggest us which part of our face that needs to be improved. Later after the presentation done, Mrs Ida as the representative from F2F Cosmetics led us to the next session. First, we had a quick makeup challenge where we have to apply F2F's lipstick and lip liner using opposite hand and then she demonstrated how to apply Perfect Creamy Eyebrow ( similar to ABH's Dipbrow Pomade ) which also F2F's newest product.

Finally, the event came to an end but yeah, just like usual, we took so many photos and this time I was lucky again! I won as one of the best photo on Instagram and rewarded with F2F's notes, yay! Last but not least, I want to say thank you to SBB for making this event happened and of course beloved sponsors :  Face2Face Cosmetics, Clariskin, Me-nail, Khana Spa, AHA Products, Woman Blitz, MuttonBird Resto & Rooftop, QL Cosmetic, Kabinet Coffee Ngagel, and Serai Reflexology. Let's stick and grow together !


With lovely Devita 

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  1. Loving all this make-up!!! That pizza looks so yummy right now.
    So great to connect and have fun with people that have the same interest as you.
    Happy week!




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