[REVIEW] Japan Softlens AGEHA Super Big Grey

Big, bold, round eyes are every girl's dream. However, not all of us born with those kind of eyes, including me. As an asian girl, ...

Big, bold, round eyes are every girl's dream. However, not all of us born with those kind of eyes, including me. As an asian girl, my eyes are quite small, that's why I often wear soflens to support my look as fashion-beauty blogger. Hence, this time I am going to share with you a softlens brand that will makes you craving for it, here it is, Japan Softlens. Some of you who love softlens might know this brand already since this softlens is quite famous in Indonesia. Japan Softlens is known for their Ageha series, with colorful and super big eyes, just like Japanese girls. Gratefully, I got chance to try this new packaging of Ageha Super Big Grey softlens from the collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Japan Softlens. I will give my honest opinion just like usual, so please keep reading :)

What it is :
Ageha Super Big series is the largest diameter softlens in Japan ( 17 mm on the eye ). It is perfect for a bigger eyes and makes you look so 'kawaii' ( Japanese word for 'cute' ). This series has two different colors : Grey and Brown.

How to use :
Wash hands before using the contact lens, use your finger tip to place the contact lens into your eye.

A pair of plastic contact lenses inside minimalist, elegant long paper box, secured by plastic seals. It comes with the contact lenses case as well. The instructions can be seen if we teared the side of the box, all written in Bahasa Indonesia.

It has super soft yet flexible gel texture with natural dark grey color.

At first I was quite worry of the diameter which is 15 mm ( 17 mm on the eye ), could harm my eyes, because my eyes are quite small and I usually wear 14.2 mm or 14.5 mm softlens, but I was totally wrong. This softlens is super comfortable and it doesn't harm my eyes at all. I have worn this softlens since morning until evening without eye drops and it's still fine, thanks to 65% water percentage. The black outer lining of the softlens makes my eyes totally much bigger ( you can notice from the picture above ). If people see me from a far, they will say that I am wearing barbie-eye softlens, which is large, bold, and black. because the grey pattern cannot be seen very clearly. Some people may like it, but for me, I don't really like this kind of effect because I am not a fan of "barbie-eye look".

- Minimalist, elegant packaging
- Safely secured with seals
- Contact lenses case included
- Super comfortable
- Long wear
- Affordable price ( IDR 178.000 / around $13.7 for 6 months usage )

- Grey color cannot be seen clearly ( it's more like black ).

Overall, I like this softlens because it's super comfortable and it gives a cute look to my eye, just like Japanese girls, lol! However, since I am not a fan of barbie-eye look, better next time I purchase another series, but I will still wear this softlens for my daily wear though! Fyi, for you guys who wants to purchase this softlens with different power, you are able to order it without spending 2 softlens boxes, pretty economic, right? So, directly click this link below and place your order immediately :)

Rate : 4.5 out of 5

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13 Comment

  1. Looks like barbie doll kyaaaa so kawaii kakkkk..


  2. Cool Post and beautiful pics!


  3. I do see the gray, Chelshea and I must say it suits you beautifully. Those big eyes, wow! Happy Friday, girl.

  4. te ha quedado genial, me gusta este producto

  5. You look adorable, and girl, your eyes aren't small at all. Nonetheless, I think the colour is really cute and I'd love to try these one day. I've heard a lot about PinkyParadise in the pastm but it seems the hype has died down?! I really love the packaging and the product review though. :) X

    Simplee Nikkie

    1. Thank you so much girl <3 Ah yes, actually I never tried PinkyParadise before, but it seems like they both are quite similar :)

  6. I thought that it's a softing cream at first! Your eyes are beautiful. And with lenses you really look so cute. And I can see them as grey from the photos ^^ Thank you for the review and have a nice day~


  7. Hello,

    Oh, love it !

    Sarah, https://sarahmodeeee.blogspot.fr

  8. First up, you are so pretty ohmygoodness! These lenses are equally as pretty, I'd love to give them a go!

    Little Moon Elephant

  9. Salam Kenal :) I LOVE AGEHA.. Premium Softlens yang pernah ada kau pakai :)



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