[Event] FreshLook X Clozette Surabaya Gathering

This was my very first time attending a blogger gathering in Surabaya ( well, I think I've been hiding all this time, lol ). So, I ...

This was my very first time attending a blogger gathering in Surabaya ( well, I think I've been hiding all this time, lol ). So, I was invited by one of my blogger friend who also my college friend, Wulan Wu, to join an event which held by FreshLook X Clozette Indonesia ( fyi, FreshLook is a well-known contact lens brand in Indonesia ). This was a roadshow event from FreshLook and Surabaya became the third city they visited after Medan and Bandung. Excited ? Of course! Nervous? Even more! Perhaps it's because of my first time attending a blogger event and most of all, I knew almost no one except Wulan. However, there are lot of experiences I got from this event. Okay, let's go deeper into the topic!

FreshLook X Clozette Roadshow Event : "Small Things to Freshen Up Your Look"

Before the event began, we had to do registration first at the front desk and together with it, we received a pair of contact lens from FreshLook Colorblends series then we all asked to wear them. Each of us got different color and I got mine in Honey. Anyway, the organizer team were really helpful because they already prepared some people to help those who never used contact lens before, well-prepared!

As you can see from pictures above, the place was decorated with all pastel colors just like our dresscode on that day, isn't it too enchanting?

While we're waiting for the event to begin, we were allowed to take as many pictures as we want, including our OOTD. I was worried at first since I didn't know anyone there but luckily I met some new friends here and they were so polite and friendly! We got chance to take selfies as well!

With Wulan Wu, blogger from bootsydoopsy.blogspot.co.id

With Redha, blogger from redhacshinta.blogspot.com

Together with Girly, blogger from www.caaantik.com 

Ms. Puitika came as the MC with three beautiful ladies, Wulan Wu, Katherin, and Miss Ellyana ( Professional Senior Marketing Manager Alcon Indonesia ) as the speakers. I learned so many things here, such as how to wear contact lens in a correct way, how to pick the right contact lens, and also the benefit of wearing FreshLook's contact lens. After talk show session, there were some mini games such as OOTD competition, eye make up challenge, and wefie challenge.

With Jessica, blogger from jessica-ie.com

Overall, I had so much fun in this event. First, I got more knowledge about contact lens. Second, I met so many awesome blogger friends here ( I didn't expect that there are lot of bloggers in Surabaya though ). Third, I got chance to try FreshLook's contact lens, oh, and they also gave each of us a goodie bag consist of FreshLook pouch, OPTI-FREE lens cleanser with contact lens case, Blink Charm eyelashes in Sweet Classic #1, and a petite rose mirror.

I am so pleased with the result of FreshLook's Colorblends in Honey because it really freshen my look and my eyes became more attractive but still looks natural! Anyway, after wearing this contact lens, I suddenly came up with an idea to create something featuring this contact lens. Are you guys curious on what will I create this time ? Please stay tuned on my next post ! :)

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  1. You look fantastic Dear, great post:)


  2. Wonderful event and lovely contact lans :-)

  3. Beautiful event dear, you look amazing! These contacts looks really great on you!
    Love your blog, if you like, visit my blog and we can follow each other. Just let me know on myblog and I`ll follow you back asap! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  4. looks like all you ladies had fun. I am loving the food and the lens look awesome.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  5. Such a great event! You must have a lot of fun ;)
    You look really beautiful ♥

  6. really nice event!!

    blog: www.fashi0n-m0de.blogspot.it
    youtube: https://www.youtube.com/enricasciarretta-fashionmode

  7. great post...you look beautiful and the food looks delicious...


  8. Duh fotonya cantik cantik banget Chel. :D

    Honey warnanya cukup terang ya, bagus :D


  9. Looks like an amazing event. I am sure you had a lot of fun. You look very beautiful Chealshea and the blush color suits you so lovely. Thse lenses looks cute.
    New update: Plaid Cozy

  10. Wow, this event looks so interesting :)

  11. Que dia maravilhoso amei a lente, obrigado pela visita.

  12. Must have been such an awesome experience!


  13. This post is pure positive energy! The event seems so interesting and I wish I had been there as well! :D You look so happy, radiant and cute as usual :) Love the outfit that you wore and your eyes are so beautiful! :) <3


  14. Everything looks amazing! Lovely photos ◡‿◡✿

    Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥
    * All Day Cushion by Yadah Review *

  15. COOL BLOG! <3

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  16. You look flawless gurl!! I love gathering that has to do with bloggers. Very entertaining!


  17. Event nya seru banget ya, Chel! Dan akhirnya aku baca review tentang freshlook ini, setelah sebelumnya nanya2 di Ig hehee...
    Thank you review nya^^
    And you look super pretty as always!


  18. Seems like a fun event!
    Aku suka baca blog ini. Kualitas fotonya bagus-bagus. Btw i'm following your blog. Mind to following mine? Thanks!




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