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Happy New Year my loyal readers! This is my first post in 2017 and I decided to make it a little bit different because this time I am g...

Happy New Year my loyal readers! This is my first post in 2017 and I decided to make it a little bit different because this time I am going to share my little thought about a sensitive thing called "Marriage". Few days ago, I got message from a friend and he asked me about my ideal age to get married. Yeah, I am quite shocked of course, but the reason why he asked me are because I am in the same age with his girlfriend and currently he was mixed up about his girlfriend who wants him to marry her. He told me that his concern are he's still studying right now so he doesn't have any job yet and his parents are still unsure about foreign daughter in law ( my friend is a Korean by the way ). At first I was like, omg, I am in the same age with his girlfriend but I never think about marriage around this age, am I too passive?

Frankly I am not really into marriage topic, because I always think that I am still too young for that, but as time goes by and I got invited to friend's wedding several times, I started to realize that I need to think about my future marriage as well. Fyi, ideal age for marriage in my family culture is 25-26 and now I am 23 already so if I glued to that culture, I only have maximum 3 years to get married, oh my!

Literally marriage is not a simple wedding ceremony, having kids, and live together. Marriage is all about commitment. It's about the time when I am sure I need to be with him for the rest of my life through good and bad times. Such an easy words to say but actually difficult to do, right? That's why I am still feeling like I am not ready yet for a marriage, at least for this age. However, I can't deny that sometimes I imagine of how will my wedding looks like, especially for the wedding dress ( well, I often surf on the internet just to update recent trends of wedding dress, lol ). Then, I found this online shop which sells various kind of dresses from dresses for weddings, bridesmaid dresses UK, prom dresses, homecoming dresses, until communion dresses. I cannot handle myself to not treasure all the beautiful dresses there, so I compile some of my favorite wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses 2017 here :

Don't you agree that those dresses are so gorgeous? When I saw those dresses I was feeling like I want to get married real soon! However, I think I should wait a little while for it :)

Anyway, I am pretty curious about you guys, are you still single or married already? I would love to hear your opinion about marriage as well, please share your thoughts here :)

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  1. nice selection!

  2. Topik inisangat sensitif beb :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

  3. wow beautiful dresses!!


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  6. I do agree that the ideal age to get married is after 25
    we usually graduates uni around 21 so you have 4 years to build your career
    I think if you're wise and save up money, you can definitely get married by your 26th

    anyway, I'm 27 now and I'm not married, altho I am getting married in June

    but I think marriage is not something to be taken lightly, just do your thing at your own pace
    I know a few friends who are in their 30s and still not married

    The Sweetest Escape

  7. Those dresses are absolutely amazing!!! ♥
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  8. Happy new year, girl. Some beautiful dresses, TFS!
    New update: Rockstud Fringes and Snow



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