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If you never try, you'll never know. Most of us have known that personal color analysis is trending right now, not only in fashion or be...

If you never try, you'll never know.

Most of us have known that personal color analysis is trending right now, not only in fashion or beauty industry, but worldwide. Why? Because everyone is actually have their own color palette based on their undertones and they need to know their own personal color - which color suits them the most, which color gives them harmony or which color gives them disharmony. 

Have you ever experienced some outfits or makeup makes you look washed out but some makes you look glowing? That's what color analysis used for. It can be applied to find the right clothing, makeup, jewelry, contact lens, nail colors, so on.

As a person who works in fashion-beauty industry for more than 9 years, of course I would love to know my personal color too. I've done color analysis two times, one was done by a beautician and the other one through color analysis website. The beautician said I have COOL UNDERTONE while from the website it said my season is AUTUMN. 

So random. 

I can't believe them because when I tried the palette, I can clearly confirm those are not my colors. That's why, instead of going to another color analyst, I decided to learn it by myself. I learned it almost everyday from some websites and personal color experts, I learned how to define personal color, including 4 seasons and 12 sub seasons. It was so difficult to define the use of hue, chroma, and value! However after practicing a lot and doing trials and errors - I become more sensitive with colors and familiar with those terms. 

I used to be the client and I got wrong analysis, TWICE. But finally with the knowledge I got from learning color analysis, not just understanding my own personal color palette, but I also got some privileges to be a speaker and share my knowledge to others, TWICE. I can't describe my gratitude with words because I feel it's a gift from God. 

I love how to see them finally figuring out their best colors and their worst colors. Not just to be the best version of themselves, but we can also cut expenses buying the wrong colors and just focusing on colors that flatter us.

Have you done personal color analysis before?

If you wanted to get a private color analysis consultation, you can reach me out through email : or just comment down your email and I will reach out to you.

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  1. Your expertise in the field of personal color analysis sounds quite comprehensive, and your experiences with it sound fascinating.
    Kudos on bringing your years of experience in the fashion-beauty industry to this endeavour!

  2. Thank you so much for the support :)



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