Natural, Tech Skincare Is The Most Sophisticated Beauty Trend of 2024, Xtracare Nails It

Everyone has a various experience with nature-based skincare. It’s more like a “plenty of fish in the sea” kind of thing. It’s very accessib...

Everyone has a various experience with nature-based skincare. It’s more like a “plenty of fish in the sea” kind of thing. It’s very accessible, and easy to find even though some formulas feel way too strong while some are just perfect. However, I just had an Xperience with one brand that combines natural ingredients with high technology to create innovation in our skincare journey for skin restoration. How cool is that? Shall we get to know more about it?

As we all know, a good skin barrier is a baseline to know if our skin is healthy or not because once there’s a problem, higher chance for the skin to get irritated or infected. However, based on the current environmental situation, especially in the hustle bustle city life, it seems impossible to keep it healthy and firm. Thus, PT Interbat as the leading pharmacy company in Indonesia also introduced salmon DNA to us), launched its very first skincare line, XTRACARE.

Based on what I learned from dr. Edmon Sebastian, Business Unit Head Interbat Aesthetics, Xtracare is the first ionic skincare system in Indonesia that combines ion-balancing minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) with Intercellular Lamellar Emulsion. This innovation is the result of the collaboration between PT. Interbat with dr. Myung-Jin Lee, Ph.D as the biomedic expert from Korea.

But why ionic balancing minerals?
In fact, our skin barrier is able to do self-healing itself which requires balanced ion content (calcium and magnesium) to do so. Moreover, the combination with Intercellular Lamellar Emulsion, helps to stimulate collagen production and repair broken systems. Sounds make sense?

What about the product itself?
I got so much insights from the skin experts (dr. Gloria Novelita, SP.DVE, FINSDV, dr. Stanley Setiawan, Sp.DVE., FINSDV, FAADV) and also Miss Olivia Subaya, as the Product Manager PT. Interbat, Xtracare has 2 lines at the moment:
1. Xtra Barrier : for normal to dry, sensitive skin
2. Xtra White : for all skin type, including sensitive skin (especially with pigmentation, dull skin, melanin suppression)

Including: gentle cleanser, rejuvenating essence (claimed to be their product hero), nourishing cream, hydrating lotion, regenerating booster (serum)

Including: brightening cleanser, refining toner, radiance serum, glowing cream, mineral sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++

I swatched some of the products to understand the texture. I would say both variants have their own characteristics : Xtra Barrier’s Ionic Nourishing Cream’s texture is slightly heavier than the Xtra White’s Ionic Glowing Cream - however, both have a pleasant, calming scent. 

Overall, it’s really good to understand how the innovation in skincare industry keeps evolving like this. All the explanation from Interbat Aesthetic is completely makes sense yet mind-blowing. I would say their innovation is important for those who live in big city with high-level of pollution,  including me.

Sounds interesting for you? Find out more about their products through this page.

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a game-changer in the skincare world! The combination of natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology is definitely the way forward. Xtracare's approach to ionic balancing minerals and Intercellular Lamellar Emulsion is super intriguing. I'm especially excited about the Xtra Barrier line for sensitive skin. Can't wait to try these out! If you're curious too, check out their greeting for more details.

  2. This sounds like an amazing product line. Thank you for sharing.
    Julia x



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