[REVIEW] Oasea Oceanus Squalane + Tranexamic Spot Correcting Face Oil Serum & White Jade Gua Sha

Although my skin needs it so much, but when it comes to skincare, I never put face oil on my top priority - not until I found this brand cal...

Although my skin needs it so much, but when it comes to skincare, I never put face oil on my top priority - not until I found this brand called Oasea Laboratories, Indonesian skincare brand that focuses on using renewable ingredients, especially the ocean (maybe that's also the reason why it is named Oasea). What makes me curious to try the product is because of its dual-phase facial oil serum, plus its signature tool, gua sha. Not familiar yet? Let me take you to deeper look and thought of these amazing products!

What it is:
Dual-phase face oil serum to help reduce dark spots and even out skin tone. Dual-phase is a combination of water and oil based which forms an emulsifier so it's easily absorbs into skin. It contains Squalane, Tranexamic Acid, and other active ingredients to hydrate and disguise dark spots and brighten skin evenly. It suits for sensitive skin, safe for pregnancy, breast-feeding, and it's dermatologist approved too.

How to use:
Shake well before use. Put few drops and gently massage onto face and neck. You can use it alone or over moisturizer to lock moisture. It can be used day and night.

After shaken well

Before-after use, approximately 2 weeks

Lightweight, see-through doff glass with unique pipette/dropper, comes with paper box an paper seal. Ingredients and direction are written in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. The expired date can be found at the back of the bottle. Fyi, the packaging is recyclable.

Water based and oil based (Squalane) with natural scent.

From the picture above, you can see this product has 2 layers: oil based and water based. When it is mixed and applied onto skin, the texture becomes super light and it is quickly absorbs into skin! It doesn't feel greasy at all. I like to wear it at night before sleep (as usual), because I like to see the progress the morning after. In short period, it makes my skin feels hydrated and moist - while after around 2 weeks, I can see my skin looks healthier! It's less dull aka glowing and redness slowly disappears. I am truly impressed with the sensation of this Oasea Face Oil. It's literally the first face oil that makes me addicted and it's very easy to use, as simple as #ShakeDropGlow !

  • Safely sealed packaging & recyclable
  • Lightweight texture
  • Quickly absorbs into skin
  • Not greasy at all
  • Skin feels hydrated and moist
  • Brighten up skin
  • Helps to correct skin tone
Cons: None

Price: IDR 259.000 (around $18) / 20 mL
Rating : 5 out of 5

What it is:
Oasea white jade gua sha tool is made from natural jade which can help better absorption of facial care products such as face cream, serum, and oil. This product can improve blood circulation, tighten the skin, and help reduce fine lines and eye bags.

How to use:
  • For contours and chin: Gently stroke gua sha from center of the chin along the jawline to below the ear. 
  • For shaping nose: sweep gua sha in downward motion along the sides of the nose to the cheeks.
  • For reducing panda eyes: run gua sha in the area under the eyes up to hairline.
  • Repeat the movement three times.

Sturdy, made from 100% natural jade, comes with velvet pouch and safely sealed paper box.

Solid form gua sha.

Frankly, this is my first time using gua sha. I watched the tutorial video many times before I practice it myself. because the shape is quite unique for me, lol! However, ever since I used it approximately 2 weeks ago, I never stopped using it. Most of all, I like the cooling sensation every time I use this gua sha. I really can feel my blood circulation improved and my skin feels tighter and plump!

  • Made from 100% natural jade
  • Comes with pouch (travel-friendly)
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Makes skin feels tighter and plump
Cons: None.

Price: IDR 250.000 (around $17.40) / piece
Rating: 5 out of 5

I keep using this combo until now, even my mom loves it too because its benefits also help us to aging backwards. Do you know? Once you purchase these products, that means you also involve in marine conservation movement by donating 1% from your purchase. Exciting isn't it? Let's #SeaThruTheBeauty !

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