[REVIEW] KOSÉ COSMEPORT Clear Turn Babyish Mask & Moist Charge Eye Zone Mask

I've been struggling with tired skin and dark eye circle these days. Frankly, it's been there for quite long time ago but my dark ci...

I've been struggling with tired skin and dark eye circle these days. Frankly, it's been there for quite long time ago but my dark circle is getting scarier as I feel like I am a walking zombie or panda, lol. The reason is obviously because lack of sleep - and I ran out of eye mask too that's why I always skip eye treatment. However, Clozette Indonesia came as hero for my skin problem just in time! I got chance to try the well-known Japanese skincare brand which is Kosé Cosmeport, consists of Clear Turn Babyish Mask & Moist Charge Eye Zone Mask. I've been using their sheet mask since 2020 and now I am retrying it again - but for the eye mask it's literally my first time! So, without much introduction, what if we get to know them further?


What it is:
Face sheet mask that contains essence to maintain skin health. It's free from fragrance, mineral oil, silicon, Ultraviolet inhibitor, and color. The formula is made for people in their 20s and it comes in three various mask based on its purpose.
  • Clear Turn Babyish Mask A (Pink): to repair uneven skin texture and moisturize dry skin with its Hyaluronic Acid ingredient.
  • Clear Turn Babyish Mask B (Yellow): to moisturize sagging, dull skin with its collagen ingredient.
  • Clear Turn Babyish Mask C (White): to moisturize, brighten dull skin with its vitamin C derivative.
How to use:
After cleansing, apply the sheet mask and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Let the lotion completely absorbs into skin, no need rinsing. Special case for dry skin, better to apply cream or lotion after using the sheet mask.

Zipped packaging comes with 7 sheet mask per pack. The mask is quite thick and has sufficient essence on it. As you can see from the picture above, mask size is quite small for my face.

Light, non-sticky, watery lotion with soft-pleasant scent.

All of three variants is almost same for me. Basically all of them moisturize skin well and I like how it comes in 7 sheet mask per pack, it's very economic! I like the non-sticky feeling of this sheet mask so when I took it off, my skin feels fresh and moist but not greasy. Just like what I've ever experienced before, this sheet mask can only stay for about 10 minutes before it completely dry. I used to like the C version (white) the most, but now I would say I like the B version (yellow) better. Maybe because of my skin age, I feel like I need more collagen rather than just to brighten up my skin. Anyway, I like the 'baby skin' effect after using this mask, soft and well-moisturized!

  • Very economic (1 pack consists of 7 sheet masks)
  • Non-sticky feeling after use
  • Skin feels fresh and soft, well-moisturized
  • Safely secured packaging
  • Quickly dry
  • The size is too small for my face

Price: IDR 66.000 (around $4.70) / 7x27ml
Rating: 3.75 out of 5


What it is:
Sheet mask for eye and mouth area, helps to moisturize skin and maintain skin elasticity especially around eye and mouth area (reduce wrinkles). It contains collagen, HA, Elastin, Astaxhantin, Glycerin to prevent dry skin. This mask is free from fragrance, mineral oil, color. 

How to use:
Apply toner or lotion before applying the mask as preparation step. Place the mask around under eye for about 10 minutes then remove it. This mask can be used for around smile line too. 

One pack consists of 32 pairs, comes with paper box. The mask is made from soft cotton (bemliese) and fits perfectly for under eye.

Thin, soft cotton with sufficient essence level.

This mask is super refreshing! I use it almost everyday (especially on weekdays when my work load is quite insane) and I can feel my under eye is less puffy and it feels moist and fresh the morning after. As you can see from the picture above, my under eye used to very dark and slightly puffy especially on the left eye, but after using the mask daily, the dark circle is reduced and the puffiness is slightly disappear.

  • Precise size
  • Decent mask texture
  • Under eye feels moist and fresh
  • Reduce dark circle and puffiness
  • Quite difficult to take out the mask (sticks to one another)
Price: IDR 195.000 (around $13.6) / 32 pairs
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Since it's not my first time usinKosé Cosmeport's product, I would say this brand really offers the best products without strong ingredients, so if you are interested to try, you can directly buy through their official Shopee store as they currently offer best deals there:

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