[REVIEW] Multifunction Hair Styler - Panasonic Brush Iron EH-HV40

When it comes to hairstyle, I'm quite conservative because I rarely change my hairstyle. I always have this flat, long, straight hair fo...

When it comes to hairstyle, I'm quite conservative because I rarely change my hairstyle. I always have this flat, long, straight hair for these past few years. Not because I don't want to change my hair but unfortunately my face shape doesn't suit many hairstyles. Boring? Absolutely! Therefore I have to carry hair styler wherever I go to keep my hair on point - but the problem is, my hair styler only has one function each, either as straightener or curler. I know how to use hair straightener as curler too but sometimes it requires lot of time (or fail). That's why when I got this PANASONIC BRUSH IRON EH-HV40 on my hand, I can't wait to try it soon as it claims can be used as straightener and curler, even suits for many different styles! Does it really works as what it claimed? Do we really need this hair styler? Let's just get to know more!

What it is:
Two ways hair brush iron to curl or straighten hair simply by changing the switch. With the hair brush alone, you can style hair they way you want for every occasion. 

How to use:
Use the clip to create tight curl or without clip to create large curl. Sliding the switch to use it as hair straightener.

One package comes with hard box, guarantee card, direction book, heat-resist pouch, and of course the hair styler itself. Lightweight and the 23 cm length, 26 mm barrel features makes it very compact to carry everywhere. It has auto voltage system for AC100-240 volt power supply. The rotary cord doesn't tangle when in use because it is able to rotate 360 degree.

When I first turn the power on, it only takes around 90 seconds and it's ready to use. Although I can't adjust the heat temperature, I think the heat is sufficient enough to straighten or curl my hair (for about 180 degree), it doesn't hurt my skin as well! I like to use the brush to volumized my hair and use the clip to create wavy hair. I don't know exactly if it's because of my super long hair, but I find it quite difficult to make tight curl using this hair styler (the brush makes my hair tangled sometimes). However it's perfect to make natural loose curl (like what you can see on the cover photo). It is able to straighten hair quickly and my hair doesn't feel dry or too hot afterward.

  • Able to create many hairstyles (straight, loose curls, tight curls, etc)
  • Lightweight, travel friendly size
  • Easy to use, the heat doesn't hurt skin
  • Doesn't make hair look dry
  • Unique design with heat-resist pouch
  • Sometimes makes hair tangled to the brush
  • It doesn't last for long time if I didn't use hair spray

Tips: Brush your hair before starting using this hair styler so it will reduce the chance of hair getting tangled. To make it lasts longer, use hair spray.

Feeling tempted to try? You can enjoy the discount promo by using code: PANAXCLZ50 to get extra  discount IDR 50.000 (min. purchase of IDR 500.000 for the first 100 people) , only at Panasonic Beauty official store at Tokopedia! Limited time only, so you better hurry and show people how you do your hair with this multifunction hair styler!

Special thanks to Clozette Indonesia :)

Rate: 4 out of 5
Price: IDR 1.200.000 (around $83.5)

PANASONIC BEAUTY Official Instagram: @panasonicbeautyid
CLOZETTE INDONESIA Official Instagram: @clozetteid

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  1. Your hair looks lovely! This tool sounds really useful x

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    1. Yes, it's very practical for me! <3
      Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Thanks and keep sharing great content.
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  3. That 26 mm (1 inch) diameter hair-styling iron looks relatively safe and fairly easy to use,
    and gets fabulous results. You look absolutely gorgeous - your hair-style is beautiful!

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  4. Thank you =) Yes that's the plan of this look backs :D

    Interesting post. I think this hair styler is pretty nice =) But I don't need it becauce I have so many wigs in different styles :D

  5. Thank u reviewnya ka chelshe, btw recommend bangtt



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