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  During pandemic like this we barely go to spa for body treatment, so what's wiser than doing self pampering at home? Recently I've...


During pandemic like this we barely go to spa for body treatment, so what's wiser than doing self pampering at home? Recently I've been trying some body care brands and this time my pick goes to this local brand, USKINLAB. Some of you might not so familiar with this name because this brand is quite new but that doesn't mean that they're not worth to try, right? Thus, these past few weeks I try all of their products and now it's time to reveal my thoughts about them. Curious, no? Let's just jump up to my review!

What it is :
USKINLAB is an Indonesian beauty brand that is focusing on body and lip care products which are safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. They're also BPOM certified.


What it is :

Body soap which is formulated with Licorice extract, vitamin E, and collagen to soften and brighten up skin. Licorice extract helps to cure hyperpigmentation, protect skin from side effect of UV rays, and moisturize skin. Vitamin E helps to increase production of collagen which helps to repair skin cells.

My review :

I really admire its super calming scent and extra mild texture. It's less foamy compared to other body soap but I can feel my skin becomes softer and moisturized after using it, either using foaming net or just apply it right away on my skin. It doesn't leave sticky or greasy feeling either. However, the scent doesn't last for long time, maybe around 1-2 hours only.

Rate : 4.5 out of 5
Price : IDR 107.185 (around $7.60)


What it is :
Formulated with UV filter, olive oil (good for skin regeneration), and licorice extract to soften, moisturize, and protect skin from side effect of sun rays.

My review :
Creamy, thick texture with powdery scent. I use it in the morning after shower, although it has thick texture but it doesn't leave greasy feeling on my skin. It absorbs quite fast and it gives extra moisture to my skin. This powdery scent lasts for quite long time maybe around 4 hours.

Rating : 3.5 out of 5
Price : IDR 82.353 (around $5.84)


What it is :
Formulated with glycolic acid, licorice extract, niacinamide, vitamin E, and collagen to maintain skin's health, soften, moisturize, fight against skin aging, and to repair uneven skin tone.

My Review :
It's quite new for me to use body night cream but I found it not bad at all. It has lighter texture compared to the body day cream and it has mild powdery scent which slightly different with body day's scent ( I prefer body day's scent anyway ). I use it every night before sleeping and I can feel my skin hydrated and soothed the next morning. I like it because it doesn't leave any sticky feeling and absorbs into skin quickly. Did I tell you that this body night also work as exfoliator ?

Rate : 3.5 out of 5
Price : IDR 116.303 (around $8.25)


What it is :
This body butter is specially formulated for dry, sensitive skin which enriched with shea butter extract, Licorice extract, vitamin E, and collagen to soften, moisturize, and brighten up skin.

My review :
This is one of my favorite product from USKINLAB because it suits my dry skin. I use it before sleeping as an exchange of body night. It has thick, creamy texture with slight floral scent which I really like. It absorbs into skin quite fast, leaving my skin full of moisture and slightly shiny. As we can predict, body butter obviously leave greasy feeling, but this one, doesn't really bother me.

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 93.023 (around $6.60)


What it is :
Formulated with vitamin E and olive oil which helps to cure chapped lips, moisturize, and accelerate the process of removing dead skin cells.

My review :
You know how much I depend myself to lip balm due to my super dry lips and this one I can claim it awesome. It has gel texture which turn into pink when I apply it onto lips. It moisturizes my lips so well with glossy finish and it makes my lips looks plumped. I like the effect how my lips feels so soft and I don't find it greasy at all. Two thumbs up!

Rate : 5 out of 5
Price : IDR 67.803 (around $4.80)

Overall, I found it these products are not bad at all. Although they claim that it can brighten up skin in 3 weeks, I can't clearly see the result yet. But anyway all of the products gives moisture and hydration to my skin. So, if you're into body care especially if you're dry skin survivor, you can give it a try. Use my code : USKINLABCHELSEA to get 10% discount ! You can shop from their official store at Shopee or directly DM them on Instagram @uskinlab.id

Special thanks to Surabaya Beauty Blogger :)

Overall rate : 4 out of 5

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  1. My first time hearing this brand,
    the products looks very promising.
    Great review ♥


    1. Yes this brand is quite new indeed, but it's worth to try :)
      Thanks for stopping by dear :)



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