[REVIEW] Furatasse Pro Colour Shampoo & Hair Perfume

As an ambivert, I used to think that it wouldn’t be easy for me to stay at home whole day and night. But as time goes by, it’s actually fine...

As an ambivert, I used to think that it wouldn’t be easy for me to stay at home whole day and night. But as time goes by, it’s actually fine and I enjoy it so far. It makes me more productive on working, exploring new hobbies, and of course creating more contents for blog, Instagram, and Youtube. However, one thing that maybe makes me feel a little bit careless : taking care of my hair. Well, I realized that I rarely treat my hair such as using hair mask or hair serum like I used to do because I just think that I don’t do anything to my hair either, no hair styling, no curling iron, so my hair would be just fine. Turns out, it’s getting more dry and uncontrollable. Lucky, JakartaBeauty Blogger introduced me to this premium hair care products made from Spain named FURATASSE , which claimed good for any hair type, especially colored hair. Okay enough with the introduction, let’s just get to know more about these products!


What it is :
Shampoo for colored hair, formulated with natural ingredient (Oryza Sativa Seed Protein) to repair damaged hair, enhance hair volume and hair scalp, free from paraben, colorant, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). It also contains color shield which help to maintain hair color.

How to use :
Take small amount and massage into wet hair for one or two minutes. Rinse well.

Review :
I’ve been using this shampoo lately and use it regularly every 2 days. The texture of this shampoo is watery and very light with less foam, which means it contains less detergent ingredient, but also means I need quite lot amount for my long hair. It has strong yet rich perfume scent but not bothering at all and it rinsed quickly. The scent stays for whole day long and it feels like I am using perfume on my hair. As you can see from the before-after picture, my hair looks super dry, crumpled, and tangled. After shampoo, it looks more straight and neat. Frankly it doesn’t really makes my hair soft and smoother, but I can sense that it gets healthier and bouncy.

Pros :
- Light texture
- Less foam
- Pleasant perfume scent which long lasts for whole day long
- Hair gets more bouncy and healthier

Cons :
- Doesn’t really smoothen my hair
- Quite pricey (IDR 320.000 / $19.6)

Price : IDR 320.000 ( around $19.6 ) after discount
Rate : 3.5 out of 5


What it is :
Contains of herbal extract, Mimosa, and Cardamon, this hair perfume claims that it can stay for 6-8 hours and suits very well for people who often wear hair cover like helmet, hijab, hat, etc.

How to use :
Spray sufficient amount to 3 different part of hair.

Review :
I can tell you that it smells really really good. It has soft, feminine, yet rich perfume scent which I like so much. I also adore the tiny glass bottle which very travel-friendly and able to store the perfume well (since it’s made from glass) although it’s also fragile. It doesn’t make my hair feels drenched and pretty economic because 3 times spray is enough for my long hair. I should just use this hair perfume occasionally, but since I love perfume so much, I wear it quite often, lol.

Pros :
- Soft, feminine, rich perfume scent
- Economic (3 times spray is enough)
- Travel-friendly
- Doesn’t make my hair feels drenched or sticky

- Fragile packaging

Price : IDR 290.000 ( around $17.8 ) after discount
Rate : 5 out of 5

Although I am not really a fan of the shampoo - maybe because I don’t color my hair at the moment so I can’t really tell you the result for colored hair, but I am surely in love with Furatasse’s hair perfume. It’s unique and works perfectly for my hair and I believe it works for any hair type too.
So, have you ever tried Furatasse's hair product before ? Kindly let me know your thought :)

Overall Rate : 4.25 out of 5

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  1. Looks naturally smoother!
    Nice review,thanks!

  2. Never use hair perfume before,I would like to try too!

  3. Wahh jadi makin halus dan sehat pastinya ya ka rambut 😍😍 thank yoh ka chelshea for review nyaa bermanfaat banget kaa 💖💖

  4. Aku baru tau ada hair perfume menarik banget buat dicobain



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