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Red means bold, powerful, and daring. Red is confident. That's what I always think about. Whenever I feel low or discouraged, I alw...

Red means bold, powerful, and daring. Red is confident. That's what I always think about. Whenever I feel low or discouraged, I always put red either for makeup or outfit and it always work somehow, at least it makes me feeling better. While for makeup, recently I adore this one brand called RIVERA, that is not just good in terms of quality but also represents my personality. Wanna know more about the products that I use to create bold makeup from the picture above ? Let's keep scrolling until the end of this article !

What it is :
RIVERA is a fine-art media for all women who are independent, confident, never feel afraid, and always challenge boundaries, to convey a message to the world that they are in control and will make a difference. At the moment, RIVERA is majoring in makeup products : eye, lips, and face makeup.


What it is :
Silky powder with touch of sheer coverage to set makeup for long lasting wear. This professional-quality powder with non-comedogenic, non-caking, and oil control formula, formulated to be completely translucent on medium-deep to the deepest skin tones, ensuring that every skin tone gets a perfectly flawless, translucent finish. Comes in 7 shades.

How to use :
Gently press the puff onto skin evenly through face and neck for perfect coverage result.

Review :
At first I was quite worried when opening the case because shade 02-Natural looks quite too yellow for my skin, but after I put it on my face it's actually just fine. I like the micro particle of this powder so it comes up easily from the case hole. I apply it on T-zone, feels light, and it sets, locks my makeup perfectly. It doesn't feel cakey at all, but then after around 4 hours my face starts to oily. I would say this is more like translucent powder that soften my skin. Have I told you that the powder case is way too cool ?

- Cool design, securely sealed packaging
- Lightweight texture
- Sets onto skin perfectly
- Doesn't feel cakey although oil starts to come up after 4 hours
- Skin looks softer.
- Suits for any skin tone.

- Nothing to do with oil control.
- Sheer (almost no) coverage.

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 139.200 ( around $9.8 )


What it is :
Comes with brush on one end for grooming, this pencil's triangle-shaped up tip allows us to create precise strokes as filling the brows with ease.

Review :
Texture of this eyebrow is slightly too soft for me and the color is not really pigmented. However I like it has two sides so I can carry it anywhere ( travel-friendly ). It has natural result but since my natural hair color is medium brown, I feel quite strange to have gray eyebrows.

Rate : 3 out of 5
Price : IDR 109.000 ( around $7.60 )


What it is :
Liquid liner that makes eyes perfectly framed with intense black color. Formulated with antioxidant ingredient that makes the black color shines and long lasting. It doesn't contain fragrance so it perfects for sensitive skin.

Review :
The size is too tiny for me so I find it quite difficult to apply this eyeliner. However, it's fast drying and super waterproof indeed. It has glossy finish and the color is so pigmented. I would say this eyeliner can be used as finishing touch for the tip of wing eyeline.

Rate : 3.75 out of 5
Price : IDR 70.800 ( around $5 )


Removed with tissue

What it is :
A highly pigmented liquid lip cream for a bold night look, the most supreme staying power, stronger for longer. Micro fine pigments in a gellified system assures us the smoothest glide in application and its soft creamy touch of pure color for everlasting time. Consists of 10 beautiful colors option.

How to use :
Apply onto lips using the edge of the applicator for a smooth, sharp shape.

Review :
I've been using this lip cream since a year ago and I can't help but loving it so much until now. I really adore the luxury, modern presentation along with the great pigmentation. It has velvet-matte finish,  glides smoothly and evenly, stays for more than 4 hours ( without eating - drinking water is still fine ), with non sticky formula. It also nourished with collagen and vitamin E so it doesn't dry my super dry lips. However, the texture is slightly too creamy for me, transfer-able, and it starts to leave patches around inner lips after eating and drinking.

- Luxury packaging
- Velvet-matte finish
- Glides smoothly and evenly
- Great color pigmentation
- Stays for more than 4 hours ( without eating )
- Doesn't dry lips
- Adorable color options

- Transfer-able
- Super creamy texture
- Starts to leave patches around inner lips

Rate : 4.75 out of 5
Price : IDR 129.000 ( around $8.9 )


What it is :
Completed with non sticky formula, this Moisture Glow Lip Gloss gives shiny, sheer finish. It contains Plukenetia Valubilis Seed Oil and vitamin E to keep our lips healthy. Consists of 10 color options.

Review :
Although it claims that it doesn't feel sticky, I can still feel that stickiness. However, it gives shiny, fresh look and when I apply it on top Gotta Be Matte 301 Vibrant Red, it can tone up the lip color. It also moisturizes my lips well.

Rate : 3.5 out of 5
Price : IDR 85.200 ( around $6 )

Now you know to create bold makeup doesn't have to cost so much, right? Compared to their quality, I would say RIVERA's products are very affordable, especially my favorite two : Luminous Micro Powder and Gotta Be Matte. Just focusing on the most decent red lip color and setting powder, we can actually create makeup that can boost our confidence. Don't believe me ? Then I suggest you to try it on your own :)

For the bold makeup tutorial using all RIVERA products, you can click the link here.

Special thanks to Clozette Indonesia.

RIVERA Cosmetics's Official Website : rivera.id
RIVERA Cosmetics's Official Instagram : @riveracosmetics

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