Bring It On 2020

I believe that most of us think that 2019 is not easy. There are lot of struggles, tears, unpredictable news, unexpected things that ha...

I believe that most of us think that 2019 is not easy. There are lot of struggles, tears, unpredictable news, unexpected things that happened in just a blink of eye. Ups and downs - life is just like a roller coaster. I feel that too, just like you. It feels rough indeed, although not as rough as 2018. But then I stop complaining for a while. I close my eyes and start to think the good things I have received in 2019. I feel blessed. Blessed to wake up everyday and breathe freely, blessed to have people who love me just the way I am, blessed to be able to work and earn my own money, so on.

Life is a journey. Sometimes we have to get through the valley and rough road to reach the beautiful destination and value the process. That's what I thought. Although these past years we've been through tough times, let's convincing ourselves that there's always rainbow after rain. All we need to do is keep focusing on the goals and the good things. If we're doing it right, the right things will come to us. It's not a non-sense talking, I experienced it on my own in 2018 and slowly I noticed my life is getting better in 2019. I haven't accomplished all my 2019 resolutions though, but I have learned a lot and that becomes my strength to get through 2020 with positivity and hope.

This year is going to be more than just awesome for us. New hope, new chance, lot of love, brighter future. Remember that we have survived in 2019 and I believe we can get through 2020 too - but this time with lot of pure smiles. Let's love more and spread the positivity :)

Bring it on 2020.
Happy New Year !

Top : Uniqlo // Skirt : Pullandbear // Coat : Zaful
Location : Victoria Harbour, Hongkong

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  1. Happy new year hun!!
    xx- Nina

  2. Such a lovely post my dear! I completely agree with you on almost everything you said, 2018 was a little of rough year for me too, but then, I stopped thinking and worrying about so many things and it started on getting better by the end of the year, 2019 on the other hand, was truly special and unique and I learned a lot but I also grew and had the most beautiful memories, and now I am excited for 2020. Hope it'll be better and as special as the last year! :)

    Wish you all the best for 2020!
    XO, Melissa

  3. Happy new year dear
    Great post.
    Welcome to 2020
    Thanks for the support in 2019.

  4. Your photos are stunning! ♥ But I would freeze in a clothes like those, hehe ☃❄❅

    Blog de la Licorne * Instagram * We♥It

  5. Happy New Year Chel. Hope the best for your life in 2020 :)



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