[REVIEW] moonshot Settingfit Cushion 201 Beige & Multi Protection Tinted Moisture

I believe most of you who likes K-Pop knows this Korean beauty line: moonshot .  Yup, YG Entertainment's official beauty brand usu...

I believe most of you who likes K-Pop knows this Korean beauty line: moonshot.  Yup, YG Entertainment's official beauty brand usually use their artists as their bramd ambassador. This time, they brought Lisa BLACKPINK as the brand ambassador of their Settingfit cushion series and from that moment, this series receives so much love worldwide. As one of those who really adore K-beauty, I can't deny that I really want to try this super hyped cushion so bad - and all thanks to Clozette Indonesia, I got chance to try this cushion plus their most favorite makeup Base which is Multi Protection Tinted Moisture. Are these products really worth the hype? Let's just figure them out together!


What it is: 
Ultimate moisturizer makeup base for dry skin to infuse skin with sustained hydration. Claims that it can boost moisture and helps hold it in, add the softest glow to skin,and brightens skin with pink particles, this makeup base enriched with SPF 30, PA++ so it can be worn as sunscreen as well. 

How to use :
Use fingers or puff to apply the product from inner center of the face outwards. Apply it as sunscreen or as makeup base before applying cushion or foundation.

Super fancy paper box with lightweight, simple baby pink tube. It comes with a pump so it's easy to control the amount of the product. Almost all the description and directions are written in Korean so I have to learn more about the use of this product from internet.

Light, creamy texture with pinkish color and light floral scent that is easily blended.

I use this as makeup base and it works well for my dry skin! It blends easily and quickly absorbs into skin without feeling greasy at all amd leaving no white cast It brightens up my skin with hint of pink tone which I really like - and at instance my skin feels so soft and ready for the next step of makeup. The formula is so light to my skin and very calming makes me want to use it everyday!

- Fancy packaging 
- Brighten up skin with hint of pink tone
- Easily blended
- Leaving no white cast, non greasy
- Multi function ( tone up cream/makeup base/moisturizer/sunscreen) 
- Moisturizing
- Soften skin

- Almost none, only it would be better if they put English description on the Box

Rate: 5 out of 5 ( highly recommend ) 
Price: IDR 440.000 ( around $31.5) / 40ml size



What it is :
A perfect setting cushion that defends darkening effect even during the hot summer and from direct sunlight. This cushion claims that it holds makeup in place immediately and for a long time without trace of makeup - with semi-matte finish and SPF 50+ Pa+++.

Consists of 3 warm shades :
101 Ivory, 201 Beige, 301 Honey.

How to use :
Use the puff to gently apply from inner center outwards.

Another fancy packaging with detailing of galaxy on the surface of the cushion case that makes it looks expensive, but the black case looka fragile - lid cover hinge where the puff is placed, almost damaged since the first time I opened it. It comes with similar galaxy design paper box that is safely sealed. Unlike the makeup base, this cushion box has more English explanation. I also like the tear dropped shape puff that makes it easier to blend through under eyes, nose, lips. 

Light, powdery, creamy texture with hint of pleasant rose scent.

This cushion is super light on my skin with semi-matte finish and slight hint of glow. Since it has warm tone shade, 201 BEIGE is a little darker than my own skin tone but thankfully I wear Tinted Moisture before applying this cushion so my skin doesn't look too opaque. I like how it blends easily but it need more than 1 layer to really notice the 'setting fit' effect ( I use it 2 layers ). However, it has sheer coverage so I need to apply concealer to really cover the blemishes and naughty acne. Staying power is just ok, my face starts to oily after 4 hours but around nose area it becomes oily after 2 hours.

- Fancy packaging with tear dropped shaped puff
- Lightweight texture
- Easily blended
- Semi matte finish
- Pleasant rose scent
- No need to apply setting powder anymore

- Sheer coverage
- Fragile cushion case

Rate: 4 out of 5
Price: IDR 490.000 ( around $35) 

Overall, these two products are really great together, especially for dry skin people who needs extra moisture to their skin without feeling greasy. Although the cushion has sheer coverage, it decent enough to be worn for daily use since it's very lightweight. 
So, if you want to achieve Korean skin look, you should try these products together, and be your own K-idol! All of universe, all about beauty. Let's meet the real K-beauty and K-colors!

Overall rate: 4.5 out of 5

moonshot Indonesia Official Store: www.shopee.co.id/moonshot_Indonesia
moonshot Indonesia Official Instagram: @moonshot_idn
Clozette Indonesia Official Website: www.clozette.co.id
Clozette Indonesia Official Instagram: @clozetteid

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  1. Nice review, everything looks very promising :-)

  2. The packaging scream YG so much!
    Love the products on you ♥


  3. I had not heard of this brand, thanks for introduction. I like that the foundation is sheer and buildable. I don't like heavy foundations, better yes to use just a little concealer for trouble spots.

    Allie of

  4. That tinted moisturizer sounds so great. So many times I forget to put on sunscreen! Its nice to have products that already have SPF in it.

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel

  5. Looks really intriguing. I'd love to try this. Great review dear, thanks!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com



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