[REVIEW] Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum

Vaseline as one of body care brand pioneer, make a comeback with their new-limited edition product, SUPER FOOD SKIN SERUM . Before ...

Vaseline as one of body care brand pioneer, make a comeback with their new-limited edition product, SUPER FOOD SKIN SERUM. Before getting to know more about this product, first you have to know, "What's the difference between body lotion and body serum?". Body serum is the next evolution of skincare contains smaller molecules than body lotion usually has, which able to absorb perfectly into the inner layer of skin. So, if body lotion only protects skin from the surface, body serum can protect skin until the inner layer. Okay, now let's getting to know deeper about this skin serum from Vaseline :)

What it is :
#VaselineSuperFoodSkinSerum enriched with micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly to repair and help to achieve glowing skin. 

Consists of 3 variants :
- Cranberry : contains collagen to brighten, glow skin.
- Citrus : contains vitamin C to freshen, glow skin.
- Green tea : contains antioxidant to makes skin glow and healthier.

After around 2 weeks usage (different lighting)

Sturdy plastic bottle with fresh, playful cover design, comes without any seal. Hole size is just decent enough for the product to not run over everywhere. 

Soft, light, creamy texture with natural scent based on the variant.

I use this skin serum daily ( especially green tea variant ) for around 2 weeks in the morning and before bed, sometimes I use it as hand cream as well. As you can see from the picture above, I used to have super dry, dehydrated, scaly skin but after using this product my skin becomes more hydrated and glowing! I never edit the glow effect anyway, but I bet you can see clearly that my skin looks healthier than before. I really like the super soft, light texture of this creamy skin serum and how this product can absorb into skin quickly and doesn't leave any sticky feeling so I guess this would be perfect for any skin type. Although the scent can't last for long time, this skin serum accomplishes my needs of body moisturizer. 

- Sturdy packaging.
- Soft, light, creamy texture with decent natural scent.
- Quickly absorb into skin without any sticky feeling.
- Leaves skin hydrated and glowing.
- Suits for any skin type.
- Affordable price ( around IDR 26.600 / $1.90 for 200ml product )

- Scent doesn't last long.
- Not travel-friendly ( comes in one size only ).

I can tell that I am in love with this skin serum since the first time. My favorite variant is green tea because it contains antioxidant that works pretty good for my dry skin and I really adore the green tea scent as well, it's so refreshing and calming ! I highly recommend this product for all of you who needs daily body moisturizer since it suits for any skin type. You can find it easily at Vaseline's official store at Lazada.

Now, are you ready for #SuperSkinEveryday ?

This is a project collaboration for #VaselinexBeautyJournal, based on my honest opinion.

Rate : 5 out of 5
Price : IDR 26.600 ( around $1.90 )

Vaseline Indonesia Official Instagram : @vaselineid

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