10 Must Visited Places in Korea During Spring Break

Welcome back spring, my favorite season. When it comes to spring, countries like Korea and Japan always become on the top lists, no one...

Welcome back spring, my favorite season. When it comes to spring, countries like Korea and Japan always become on the top lists, no one can deny it. Well, although this year I am not going anywhere ( thanks to all deadlines and so ), I will recap and share my top 10 must visited places in Seoul during spring break including where to see cherry blossom, taken from my last year's visit. Simple and (hopefully) informative, here are the lists! 

1. Yeouido Park
Easiest place to watch cherry blossom because it's located in Seoul. First thing that you need to know before visiting Yeouido is that you have to make sure you have checked Korea cherry blossom schedule because each places in Korea has different timing. When I got there ( on 8th of April ), it was fully-bloomed and oh-so pretty. Unlike other places, cherry blossoms here are more like white/soft pink rather than bright pink, but still, it's unforgettable and dreamy ( although I need to sacrifice myself taking these pictures with hands freeze because it's just around 7 degree at the moment ).

2. Hongdae
Hongdae probably one of my favorite place in Seoul because there are lot of cute cafes, affordable boutiques, and we can watch Korean's performance like singing, dancing, etc. I went there two times - got to try Kongbul, Naengmyeon ( Korean cold noodle ), Ddeokpokki soup and chilled at Oliver Brown cafe with Korean friends.

Naengmeyon ( Korean cold noodle )

Ddeokpokki Soup

3. Everland
Korea trip would not be perfect if you haven't visited Korea's biggest amusement park, Everland. Located in Gyeonggi-do, this theme park successfully made me satisfy with all the beautiful views. There are lot of cute stuffs here, too cute too handle until I just can't help myself but take pictures anywhere I go. The attractions there more suitable for kids anyway, however their well-known wooden roller coaster is really a thing. The queue is amazing ( I waited for more than 2 hours for this ride ) but it's all worth it, you should try!

4. Changdeokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung may be more popular than Changdeokgung, but somehow I left my heart here. The area is so much bigger than Gyeongbokgung so it's a best decision if you want to rent hanbok here because there are many spots to take photos. Unfortunately I didn't enter the Secret Garden area due to the open hours and the rent time of the hanbok. I suggest you to check the schedule before you come to Changdeokgung, so you can enjoy all areas here.

5. Hanok Village
Located not far from Gyeongbokgung palace, this village successfully steals my heart because of its authenticity although the area is not as wide as I saw in social media. All the buildings are very clean and well-maintained. Here you can also find some traditional cafes that serves Korean traditional tea and snacks. The people there are very helpful as well because they can speak English fluently. Fyi, I suggest to wear sneakers or any shoes that comfortable for your feet, because the road is walking uphill - how clever I was to wear heeled boots when I came there, lol.

6. Petite France
If you watch Korean drama "A Man Who Came From The Stars", you must come to this place because it's one of shooting set of the drama. Although I didn't watch the drama, I really enjoyed strolling around this area, acrossing the wooden bridge, and watched marionette performance by the locals. It's just so colorful here !

7. Nami Island
This super well-known island is always packed with tourist either it's peak season or not, all thanks to Winter Sonata. You should come here as early as possible to take ferry to get this island ( I suggest you to take one day tour for Petite France + Nami Island for more efficient time schedule ). Moreover, tasting BBQ at Seomhyanggi restaurant is a must. They have the best view and BBQ ever!

8. Namsan Tower / N Seoul Tower
I was quite lost when I wanted to walk there. However, just because I chose to go there via park (walking) not by sky train nor bus, I managed to find so many beautiful views near N Seoul Tower. You have to pass thousand of stairs, but the result is worth it! You can see so many blooming flowers, meeting people with their own duty; work out, take their pet for a walk, etc. I have to say that the view near this tower is much more beautiful than the tower itself. Did I tell you that the toilet inside this tower is also amazing ?

 View from N Seoul Tower

9. Gangnam
Everyone all around the world might familiar with Gangnam. Yes, this popular place is definitely for hang out, high-end shopping, karaoke, and uhm-clubbing perhaps. I came here three times, during day and night. Both times are my favorite because this area seems like never sleep. There are lot of thematic cafes and beauty stores especially along the street of Apgeujong ( which known as Korea's area of the elites ). I got to try Korean chicken with cheese which I am not sure what's the name of the restaurant is but it tasted so good and my Korean friend said that it's very popular in Korea. It was quite colder at night but along the street there were so many girls wore super mini skirt and bling-bling stuffs, hands clap!

Matchy outfit with Dr.Jart+ Laboratory 

 With our Korean friend, Kwon

10. Lotte World
I placed Lotte World on number 10 not because it's the least favorite - in the other hand, this place definitely my favorite among all places I've visited in Korea ! Amusement park is always become my number one list when I am traveling anyway. I went to Lotte World from early in the morning to night and time passed by too fast ( they open from 9.30 am - 10 pm / 11 pm on the weekends ). There are indoor and outdoor attractions, although not as thrilling as Universal Studios and the queue is super long in each attractions, this theme park is much better than Everland I think. Most of the staffs can speak English so there will be no difficulties for foreigners too. If you manage to come here until night, you can watch the night festival which held before the theme park closed at the indoor area.

Frankly, I also visited some well-known places like Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Myeongdong, Pink Pool Cafe by Stylenanda, Ewha University, Gwangjang and Namdaemun market, etc - but since there are not much to see there so I just skipped them for those 10 I've listed above. However, you should at least come to Gwangjang market to taste Korean street snacks in super affordable prices !

So, how do you think about spend spring break in Korea ?
Or do you have any list of country you want to go for spring break ?
Let me know in comments below :)

Church near Ewha University

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