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Olive oil as the natural oil extracted from olives is well-known for its nutritional benefits, especially for skin because it’s rich in...

Olive oil as the natural oil extracted from olives is well-known for its nutritional benefits, especially for skin because it’s rich in vitamins and has antioxidant properties that could prevent damage of UV radiation. Hence, no wonder that olive oil comes in many forms from hair care, skin care, until body care. While recently I was lucky enough to get chance to try few products of olive ( zaitun ) series from one of well-known beauty brand from Bali, Herborist, including their body lotion which claims that it really helps moisturize our skin and really good for people who has dry skin. Obviously I am tempted to try it immediately because you know how dry my skin is and I always crave for something that could keep my skin moisturized especially during working day when I have to stay in a room with aircon for more than 7 hours. I’ve been using this product since the package arrived and I just feel that I have to share with you guys, so please keep reading until the end :)

What it is :
Herborist olive oil body lotion helps to moisturize and nourish skin. It’s enriched with vitamin E that works as antioxidant. It also contains of UV filter and whitening that help to protect skin from sunlight and make skin looks brighter. It’s easy to absorb into skin because it has soft-non sticky texture with pleasant natural scent that long lasts.

How to use :
Pour into palms and then apply onto body. Use it daily after shower, before bed, or if needed especially for dry area like elbow or heel.

Herborist Zaitun Series : Body Wash, Face Wash, Body Lotion, and Shampoo

After applying Herborist Body Lotion Zaitun

Plain, see-through, yet sturdy olive green tube packaging equipped with pump that has lock so the product wouldn’t spill everywhere. It comes with plastic seal.

Super soft, light, creamy texture that has very strong, unique, yet calming scent.

I’ve been using this body lotion since the first time I received the package. I apply it every morning after shower and night before bed – and I can really feel my skin becomes super soft and well-moisturized. As you can see on the pictures above, I applied sufficient amount of the product and it absorbs into my skin pretty quick, without feeling sticky at all. Moreover, the staying power of this lotion is pretty amazing, because after more than 5-6 hours the softness and the scent are still there. Although I can’t really see the brightening effect just like what it claims, I really love the how this product can protect my skin from dryness and how pleasant the scent is! It may quite strong for some people, but for me it smells so good and, very therapeutic, and also calming. Feels like I just came back from spa in Bali!

It comes with locked tube and plastic seal
- Soft, light, creamy texture
- Pleasant, calming olive oil scent
- Great staying power
- Non-sticky
- Makes skin soft and moisturized
- Very affordable ( IDR 17.000 / around $ 1.10 for 145ml size )

Plain, standard packaging
- Can’t really see the brightening effect

Frankly, I’ve been using Herborist’s products several times from body scrub, body mist, etc - but this body lotion becomes my favorite so far. I definitely will keep using it ( and also try another products that I receive together with this body lotion obviously ). For you guys who wants to give it a try, you can easily find it in Indomaret, any beauty store, or simply visit www.omahgeulis.comOh, and one more thing, please do remember that don’t ever use this lotion for face okay ?

Special thanks to Beautynesia :)

Price : IDR 17.000 ( around $1.10 ) / 145 mL
Rate : 4 out of 5

Herborist official Instagram : @herboristnaturalcare

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  1. Hi Flo,

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  2. This looks really interesting indeed. I'd love to check this out myself. Thanks for sharing your review dear!

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  3. nice review and have a happy holiday :)
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  4. More pros than cons definitely sound good to me. Thank you for sharing this brand with us. I haven't heard of it before. Great review!


  5. I can't live without a good natural lotion in the winter. The more lotions, the better!
    Enjoy the holidays!


  6. I've never heard of this brand before.
    I would like to give it a try!

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