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I am a strong believer that removing makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. What I mean is that we don’t need multiple steps just t...

I am a strong believer that removing makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. What I mean is that we don’t need multiple steps just to remove our makeup, especially when we’re traveling - it would be very inconvenient to bring oil remover, milk remover, etc. Thankfully now we have micellar water, an innovation that makes us remove makeup easier with one product only. Of course I have tried it from some beauty brands, but not all of them gives the result that I expected – so when I got a chance to try this Biore Perfect Cleansing Water, I’m just too curious to give it a try as soon as possible. Ok, not much talking, let’s just testing it !

What it is :
Cleansing water that removes makeup thoroughly yet gently and maintaining softness and brightness, makin it the softess goodbye to makeup. Formulated based on Japan smooth bright technology  to effectively dissolves and removes makeup, even the waterproof one, oil, dirt into the deepest pore and leaves skin fresh, bright, and moist. It claims with 7 extra benefits that it’s allergy tested, ophthalmalogist tested, non comedogenic tested, no alcohol-colorant-fragrance, and natural skin pH.

Consists of 2 variants and 2 sizes ( 90mL and 300mL ) :
Soften Up ( PINK ) : for normal to dry skin that makes skin looks smoother, moist, brighter
- Oil Clear ( BLUE ) : for oily to combination skin that makes skin fresh without oil and brighter

Sturdy, basic transparent plastic tube bottle with plastic box. The tube hole is quite narrow that makes it a bit difficult to let the water out. Description and directions are written in English and there is no seal at all.

Light watery texture with slight scent that I can’t exactly tell which scent it is, it’s more like cotton scent I guess.

I tried both variants although my skin type is more into dry skin, however both of them perform just almost the same, only slight difference. First I tested the Soften Up ( PINK ) to super matte-waterproof lipstick swatches. First swab, all light colors were removed although it doesn’t remove completely, but after second swab, all colors were removed completely ! Then I tried to test it again with Oil  Clear ( BLUE ) to my full makeup ( BB cream, eyebrow, waterproof eyeliner, and matte-waterproof liquid lipstick ). Just like you can see from the picture above, all makeup were removed completely. Both variants smells just the same and perform just the same; the blue one – just like it has claimed, it makes my skin feeling so fresh indeed but the pink one suits me better because it leaves my skin moist and slight glowing right after cleansing although I can’t really feel the brightening effect.

Tips : let the cleansing water soak-in the cotton pad until it’s really wet then put onto the waterproof makeup first, let it for few seconds then wipe it. Makeup would completely removed.

- Comes in two variants : normal to dry and oily to combination
- Alcohol-free
- Remove makeup easily in just few seconds, even for the waterproof product
- Leaves skin moist and glowing ( for the pink one ), fresh ( for the blue one )
- Affordable price ( IDR 27.800 / 90 ml or around $1.87 )

Comes with no seal at all
- Can’t really see the brightening effect

I have used this cleansing water since the first time I prepared it for this review and until now I can’t stop using it. I like how this product works well for my skin and leaves no break out at all, plus it’s very affordable. If you want to bring it for traveling you can bring the 90mL size since it’s very light and travel-friendly or if you’re typical of big spender, you can choose the bigger one instead, but always make sure that you choose the right variant.
Then, where to buy ? Easily head to any drugstore like Guardian or Watsons or if you want to shop online,  simply visit KaoOfficial store at Shopee or Tokopedia, JD.id, Blibli, or Lazada. 

Special thanks to Beautynesia for the chance :)

Price : IDR 27.800 (  around $1.87 ) / 90 mL
            IDR 68.000 ( around $4.57 ) / 300 mL
Rate : 4.75 out of 5

Biore Indonesia Official Instagram : @id.biore

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  1. Great review my dear!
    HAve a good day

  2. I love micellar water too! It just makes cleansing so much easier!


  3. This micellar waters look terrific - both of them sound pretty interesting, personally I'd like to try out the the for oily skin, moreover I'm glad to hear that you're pleased with these products as well. :)




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