[REVIEW] L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte All Shades

Have you ever heard about L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte before ? Well, from the name, I bet most women are familiar with that words sin...

Have you ever heard about L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte before ? Well, from the name, I bet most women are familiar with that words since we can never get enough with makeup, especially lipstick. While with the current trend of matte lipstick, makes them even more craving for each shades of lipstick from any brand, including me. I am literally a lipstick junkie just like most girls, but the difference is that I can’t just wear any kind of lipstick since I have a super dry lips. My lips get chapped very easily, even if I wear lipbalm before applying the lipstick. That’s why when the first time I heard that L’oreal Makeup has another version of matte series product but in lipgloss form, I became curious on how it turns out – because actually it’s such a twist for me to know that how come a lipgloss has matte finish ? Instead of judging before proving, how about checking out my honest review about this product ? So please keep reading until the end, probably this product could be one of your must have item !

What it is :
L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte is L’oreal Paris’s first whipped matte gloss with intense high pigment shades that create lasting matte color. It has lush velvety matte finish and its light formula makes lips feel so soft for all day comfort. It comes with pro-sculpt applicator to add dimension to lips.

How to use :
Apply on the center of the upper lip to outer edges of the lips, then follow the contour of mouth. Glide across the bottom lip and fill in.

Consists of 10 intense colors :
#300 Blushin Ambition, #302 Fuchsia Amnesia, #304 Rebel Rose, #306 Aphrodite Kiss, #308 Shanghai Scarlet, #310 Forbidden Kiss, #312 Rouge Envy, #314 Nude Allude, #316 Statement Nude, and #318 Bare Attraction.

Swatches on hand

Wiped with tissue 

Bare Lips 

Swatches on lips

It has very modern, thin, curvy shape tube. Light, see-through acrylic tube with velvet rubber cap so we can easily see the color of the lipgloss. It doesn’t come with paper box though, but it safely sealed with plastic seal. It has soft, diamond shaped doe-foot applicator with a hole and the length is just decent for me.

Light, creamy texture with high pigmentation colors and very pleasant sweet candy scent.

For a lipgloss, this product really does more than I have expected. First glide can cover whole lips and it feels smooth and super comfortable. Just like it has claimed, this Pro Matte Gloss has velvet-matte finish which makes my lip looks plump and fresh with slight gloss. It doesn’t set immediately though, it needs few minutes to completely sets ( first it has total glossy finish then after few minutes it becomes slightly drier ). Moreover, I have to say that this lipgloss is very transferable. Just like what you can see from the pictures above, when I tried to remove it with tissue, it just wiped easily. It will stain on anything it touches – but the good thing is, the color doesn’t completely faded, especially for the bold shades such as #306 Aphrodite Kiss, #308 Shanghai Scarlet, and #310 Forbidden Kiss. Although it’s very transferable, I can prove that this product is perfect for dry lips people who craves for matte lipstick, because this Pro Matte Gloss is literally between matte lipstick and lipgloss. It has the great pigmentation color like matte lipstick but it also has the slight gloss which will not harm our lips. I’ve been using this products daily since the first time I got them and it doesn’t make my lips dry or flaky at all – but still, I need to re-apply it several times, well , it’s lipgloss after all.

Modern tube packaging with soft doe-foot applicator
- Has many color options ( from bold to nude )
- Light texture
- High pigmentation colors
- Pleasant scent
- Economic ( one glide can cover whole lips )
- Velvet matte finish
- Doesn’t dry lips
- Perfect for daily wear

- Transferable

Here are my top 3 shades from Pro-Matte Gloss :

#314 NUDE ALLUDE : calm nude red with slight brown tone that is perfect for daily wear, especially for office look.

#306 APHRODITE KISS : warm, bright  fuchsia tone that is very bold and pigmented. I wear this with gradient technique so it looks more appealing and sweet, perfect for date look because it looks young and fresh.

#308 SHANGHAI SCARLET : warm, bold red that is perfect for sexy, mature look. It makes my skin looks brighter and flawless.

Smart, casual office look with #314 Nude Allude 

Cute, sweet date look with #306 Aphrodite Kiss 

Sexy, flawless look with #308 Shanghai Scarlet

Let’s sum this up ! This Pro Matte Gloss really steals my heart. I love how it works perfectly on my lips without making it dry – and the most important thing is, it changes my mind set about lipgloss because frankly, I never really wear lipgloss because it feels sticky and uncomfortable for my lips, but this one is totally different. It’s decent enough for me and its velvet matte finish is really got me obsessed ! So, if you decide to give this product a try, you can actually find it everywhere; department stores, cosmetic stores, drugstores, or e-commerce like Lazada. Well, I am not pushing you to try this one, but this #LorealParisID Infallible Pro Matte Gloss is definitely for those who has super dry lips like me but still want to wear matte lipstick because it’s totally #ComfortablyMatte !
My best pick is #314 Nude Allude , how about you ?

Special thanks to Beautynesia and @getthelookid for the chance :)

Rate : 4.75 out of 5
Price : IDR 129.000 ( around $9.30 )

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  1. awesome! how many fanastic colors, I would like to have so many cosmetics: D I have some of me and I have not tried these. I'm happy to change it, they look great :) besides I really like painting, I'm more confident then :)
    I follow your amazing blog :)
    kisses from Poland :*

  2. All of the shades are STUNNING. So many gorgeous colours! I especially love the fuchsia one.

  3. Sounds like such a good product and I love that it comes in so many different shades. Bare attraction is my favorite!


  4. Shanghai Scarlet and Nude allude are my favourites. I liked these in the picture of the hand, but both lipsticks look even better on the lips. Great post, I think I will consider checking out both these colors in the shop tomorrow.

  5. good to know this product , would love to try .hopefully available in my place ...
    followed u ... keep in touch dear ...

  6. Your review is phenomenal babe! I really enjoyed the fact that you listed the best 3 because I know when you have so many selections, there is bound to be some that are better than others. Really love the shades!!!




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