[REVIEW] Emina Body Mist, Shower Gel, and CC Cake

Recently, Emina , one of the well-known Indonesia's local beauty brand, has just launched their body mist collection with four vari...

Recently, Emina, one of the well-known Indonesia's local beauty brand, has just launched their body mist collection with four variant scents. Luckily from the last Surabaya Beauty Blogger's Soiree, I got chance to try two of them, plus their Daisy shower gel and CC Cake as bonus. Since I never tried Emina's product before, this time I decided to not just sharing about my experience using their body mist but also the rest of products that I received. 


What it is :
Body mist that comes with 4 scents ( Rain Forest, Ocean Mist, Pixie Dust, and Indian Summer ) for perfect soul to make the days brighter.

Light yet sturdy plastic bottle that comes with acrylic tube and decent noozle. It has no seal, so we can easily open the tube and smell the scent before buying it.

Watery texture with slight stickiness that will fade away after few minutes. Each variants has very strong scent.

I've been using these body mist for weeks and I personally like Ocean Mist better. It has a hint of apple and grapefruit which is very fresh and perfect for daily activity. On the other hand, Pixie Dust has the mixture of orange and vanilla bean which is too sweet for me. I think the scent of vanilla bean is just too strong for me so that I always avoid to spray it too much. For the staying power, actually this body mist can stay for more than 10 hours which I found it amazing. I use this body mist from 8 am until around 6 pm and the scent is still there !

PRICE : around IDR 50.000 ( $3.60 )
RATE : 3.75 out of 5


What it is :
Shower gel that comes with gentle scrub that will keep you away from dull skin and the fresh scent can brighten up your day.

How to use : 
Take sufficient amount of Daisy showet gel onto palm or wet shower puff until it's foaming, then rub all over the body.

Transparent plastic bottle which is very light and travel-friendly.

Thick gel texture with tiny scrub particles that has very strong scent.

I can't really feel the scrub texture but I can tell that this shower gel is a good choice for traveling because it's so tiny and light. For the scent itself, actually I can only smell of bubblegum rather than daisy, but because I love bubblegum, I have no major problem with it. The only problem I got when I use this shower gel is the mouth bottle because after we take the shower gel out, it will be spilled all around the mouth bottle.

PRICE : IDR 40.000 ( $3 )
RATE : 3 out of 5


What it is :
An unique combination of powder and foundation gives an instant matte and velvety complexion. Addition of apricot oil gives an extra moisturizing, easily blended, and long lasting effects. It comes with 4 shades : Meringue, Peach, Butterscotch, and Latte ).

Simple yet cute round cushion that comes with mirror and sponge on the bottom part of the cushion. It has no seal neither on the box nor the cushion, so we have to check the product completely before buying it.

Powdery texture with high color pigmentation. 

This product is more like compact powder for me because I can't really notice the 'foundation' part just like what it claimed. I like how it blends easily on the skin but I think the color is way too yellow for me. I would prefer this Latte color to be used as bronzer as it has high color pigmentation. However, this CC cake suits well for you guys who wants to skip  BB cream or foundation since it can cover blemish, although it's not that good.

PRICE : IDR 46.500 ( $3.40 )
RATE : 2.75 out of 5

I must say that I enjoyed trying those products, especially the Ocean Mist body mist since it has the best scent among all. I keep using this body mist until now for daily activity because it's so refreshing. Last but not least, for you guys who's into beauty brand which has good quality with affordable price, you'd better give Emina a big try :)

So, which scent you prefer when it comes to body mist ? Please let me know :)

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  1. Great post & photos. I feel like mists must smell nice, especially the one called pixie dust. The shower have nice texture and foundation looks so cute, I hope they have colours for very pale skin too :)

  2. Nice products! Great post darling, so nice and interesting!
    Have a nice weekend! ♥

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  3. Nice review, i have this mist and i love it
    Thanks for write this, i think i'll buy the other variant



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