How To Wear Oversized Denim Jacket in 2 Ways

Spring hasn't came yet but I am pretty sure that everyone is excited for the season since denim will be the next biggest trend ...

Spring hasn't came yet but I am pretty sure that everyone is excited for the season since denim will be the next biggest trend this spring. Just like you, I always adore denim - in every season, everytime. So right now, in the mood of early spring, I am decided to share some tips on how to wear oversized denim jacket in 2 ways which will not make you look so chic and feminine, instead of swag. 

1. Go For Denim On Denim
Denim on denim may seem dull if we just wear as the way it is. Put one or two neutral color to give a little statement of your look. For this style, I paired Embroidery Floral Denim Jacket from Gearbest with basic turtle neck shirt, denim shorts, and white sling bag. Since I don't like it too casual, I finished them with dangling pearl earrings and white chunky heels to make the look more feminine.

2. Add More Contrast Color To Your Outfit
Color combination is always a good idea to look cheerful and young. If your jacket has more than one color, you can easily pair it with the color which less dominant to stabilize the look. As you can see here, red floral embroidery on the sleeves of the jacket could be a clue for me to pair the jacket with inner which has similar color to it - so I picked this maroon dress as its color can blend well with the jacket. The color is quite contrast compared to the jacket, but it makes more statement for the whole look. As finishing, I completed them with navy sneakers from VANS and hand bag from VNC.

I have to say that these days I am obsessed with this floral embroidery denim jacket because it's super comfortable, versatile, and stylish. When I first ordered from Gearbest, I have no idea that this jacket could be this good. Fyi, I ordered one-two size above my true size because I really wanted to style it as oversized jacket. So, if you want to style this stylish denim jacket too, I have a good news for you. Make an order at Gearbest, then put this coupon code : APPARELoff for 30% discount of your purchase !

So, would you mind to share with me on how do you style your denim jacket ? Let me know in comment :)

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  1. I love the flower patches on your jacket! Looks super cute.

    Candice |

  2. This jacket is so cute and the idea of mixing it with other pieces of clothing is great! I always used to avoid denim jackets since I thought they do not fit anything but you showed me that they can fit everything :)

  3. Fantastic combination u look amazing! Great post darling! Awesome! Have a nice weekend!♥

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  4. Your denim jacket is absolutely stunning! This combination is so cute!
    Have a nice evening!

  5. Great post, dear! Love your outfit, you are so cute and that hair color suits you perfect. :)

    Here's my new outfit post - Check! ;) The GazettE - New outfit post on my blog

    Kiss! :)

  6. I love your second look, Chelshea <3
    And of course flower patches on your jacket too.




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