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Back again with another review of  ZIA  's product after ZIA lipstick review , but this time I am going to share about my experien...

Back again with another review of ZIA 's product after ZIA lipstick review, but this time I am going to share about my experience trying their version of makeup primer called Snow Cream. I got this product from the collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and ZIA Skincare during SBB's 2nd Soiree last month and I guess some of you will like this product since I heard that this makeup primer can also used as CC Cream and body lotion, pretty cool huh ? So please keep reading :)

What it is :
Aside from giving your skin instant whitening effect in every appliance, Snow Cream also contain Bear Berry Extract and Licorice Extract that will give you a long term brightening effect for your skin. So not only it can be used as base make-up primer, CC Cream or body lotion but also daily skincare too.
With the anti-oxidant properties of the extracts, Snow Cream will eliminate your dull skin and even hydrate and moisturize every inch of your skin, from head to toe. It is buildable, so if you need more perfections, you can apply more layers on top of it. This magic cream is even suitable for sensitive skin.
How to use :
After skincare regimen, apply Snow Cream gently over face or body. Apply more layers if you want to have a brighter skin.

Very simple plastic tube sealed with plastic wrap. The description and direction are written in English.

Smooth, light, soft white cream texture with decent scent, just like lotion. For me personally, it's more like soft floral scent.

This snow cream has cooling sensation which is quite strong, seems like you are applying snow onto your face ! It can't absorb into skin very fast though, so I have to wait around 2 minutes for it completely absorbed. However, I really like that it moisturizes, soothes my skin very well and makes my face makeup stays on its place for around 7 hours, pretty amazing right ? This snow cream also has slight brightening effect although it doesn't cover any blemish at all. As you can see from the picture above, it can't cover redness on my face but it really gives soft, baby skin result.

- Securely sealed packaging
- Soft texture with floral scent
- Moisturizes and soothes skin very well
- Great staying power
- For all skin type
- Soft, baby skin result
- Affordable price ( IDR 78.300 / $ 5.90 )

- The cooling sensation is quite strong
- Need to wait few minutes for it to absorb into skin
- Doesn't cover any blemish

I just can't believe that this snow cream works this good on my skin. Most of all, I really like the soothing sensation and great staying power of this product - and definitely will keep using this. Since this product perfect for all skin type, I would definitely recommend this to all of you.

Full makeup, using ZIA Snow Cream and ZIA Dewy BB Cushion 02 Pink

Price : IDR 78.300 / $5.90
Rate : 4 out of 5

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  1. This sounds like a winner! the packaging is super cute.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Overall, it sounds like pretty good cream, good to know that it's affordable, but sorry to hear that doesn't cover any blemish.


  3. Sounds great! I used a similar cream at night that really brightens up my skin and makes it feel so smooth.


  4. thanks for posting this Article....we are waiting for your another write up...
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  7. Thank you for this helpful review, the right skincare is so important.
    Sounds cool.

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  8. Your skin looks amazing! I hardly ever use primer, I feel like it makes my BB cream less effective. Do you think this is the case for this product? I mean I feel like when you apply it with BB cream you get less coverage. Let me know.


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