[REVIEW] Senka Perfect Whip Facial Foam

I always feel super excited to share with everyone whenever I try new beauty product and I found out that the product is very good - an...

I always feel super excited to share with everyone whenever I try new beauty product and I found out that the product is very good - and now the one I want to show you is Shiseido's sister brand's product, Senka Perfect Whip Facial Foam, which I received from Sociolla. Well, you can't imagine how dry my skin is, until I feel like I need to put so much oil on my face for it to feel hydrated. No wonder that I had hard times when choosing facial foam because if I pick it wrong, I bet my face will turn out like a crinkle paper. Nevertheless, once I tried this product that is claimed as "No. 1 Facial Foam from Japan for 8 years", my problem in finding right facial foam starts to change. So, please keep reading this review maybe this is the facial foam you've been waiting for.

What it is : 
No 1 Facial Foam from Japan for 8 years which contains high quality "White Cocoon Essence" instantly creates big, rich and thick fluffy foam that works like a cushion to gentle remove make-up as well as dirt and excess sebum and "Double Hyaluronic Acid" to keep  your skin moisture and hydrates. This facial foam fits for all skin type. 

How to use : 
Squeeze an appropriate (about 2cm) amount onto wet hands or foaming net, lather well using cold or lukewarm water, and cleanse face. Rinse off completely.

STEP 1  : Squeeze a sufficient amount ( around 2 cm ) onto wet hands 

STEP 2 : Using foaming net, create your own foam ( this step is so much fun ! ) 

STEP 3 : Apply onto face gently and then rinse with lukewarm water

Sturdy plastic tube comes in 2 sizes ; 40gr and 120gr. There is nothing special with the packaging, but I like how it's very travel-friendly.

Thick, solid cream texture with decent, soft floral scent which I really really like.

At the first time, I thought this facial foam is going to dry my face since the texture is super thick. Once, I tried to use it without foaming net and yeah, it turns out that my face seems a bit dry, but then I tried to use it again using foaming net and voila! This is the facial foam I've been waiting for! The foam feels super soft on my face and doesn't harm my skin at all. My skin feels so fresh after rinsing it off. I also try using this facial foam when I was still on full makeup, but well, although it can't wipe waterproof makeup such as eyeliner and lipstick, it can cleanse my face from BB cream pretty well. Well, for us who love to do double cleansing, this product is totally for the second cleanser.

- Travel-friendly
- Decent floral scent
- Soft foam
- Doesn't dry my dry skin ( if using foam technique )
- Fresh, hydrated skin
- Affordable price

- Can't cleanse waterproof makeup

For me, this facial foam is so unique and fun because besides we can achieve a clean, hydrated, fresh face, we can also play with the foam. For me, instead of directly use from the tube, I prefer to create the foam first because it works much better for my dry skin. So, if you're thinking to try and purchase this product, you can buy it at Sociolla because if you enter SBNLA0SK at checkout, you will get discount IDR 50.000 off ( for minimum purchase of IDR 250.000 ).

So, would you like to try this facial foam ?

Price : IDR 27.000 - 40gr ( $2 ) and IDR 65.000 - 120gr ( $4.90 )
Rate : 4.5 out of 5

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  5. OMG I really have to try this cosmetic xx

  6. This brand is very new for me,this foam sounds amazing-I must to try it :-)

  7. This product sounds wonderful! And I really love how you broke it down into pros and cons. Definitely great that it doesn't dry out the skin! Following you on GFC...hope you will follow back!

  8. nice product babe!




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