[TUTORIAL] Halloween FX Makeup : The Mystic Queen

Halloween is almost here! Have you prepared any Halloween makeup or costume for this year's celebration ? If you haven't prepa...

Halloween is almost here! Have you prepared any Halloween makeup or costume for this year's celebration ? If you haven't prepared any, then maybe this Halloween makeup can inspire you to re-create this look at home, especially for you guys who love spooky, creepy makeup but still looking stunning [ also read my Halloween makeup look last year here ]. In this tutorial, I tried to create special FX makeup without using latex for the first time ! Curious about it ? Let's just get started !


1. Cover your eyebrow with concealer to make it less visible.
2. Apply shimmer dark blue eyeshadow all over upper and bottom lids.
3. Make a crease with eyeliner then with dark grey eyeshadow, create nose shading.
4. Apply silver eyeshadow below the crease.
5. With same dark grey eyeshadow, draw a fake teardrop.
6. Apply purple eyeshadow on the eyebag to create spooky look.
7. With clear lipgloss, draw the teardrop effect.
8. Draw some fake vessels around the eyes and face area with combination of blue, green, and dark grey eyeshadow.


1. Draw thick, bold lips with red lipstick, extend the length of the upper lip.
2. Add some black or maroon lipstick on the inner lips.


1. Apply white glue on the certain area, then put a thin layer of tissue.
2. Coat the tissue with white glue again. Repeat the first and two step twice.
3. Wait until the glue dry, then apply foundation all over the tissue area.
4. Create the fake wound using brown eyeshadow, red lipstick, and red lipgloss. Red lipstick and lipgloss are used for the fresh blood effect while the brown eyeshadow used for the depth effect. 

Now we're DONE!

What do you think of this look ? Creepy enough to scare you ? Do you think I should make a tutorial video about this FX makeup ? Let me know in comment section :)

Happy early Halloween guys !

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  1. Wow! Such an amazing tutorial! Thanks for sharing babe.

    X Merel

  2. This is really awesome and beautiful.
    Thank for this sharing.
    Power banks

  3. Daebak! Greget banget makeupnya parah :D


  4. wow! keren banget♥♥♥ ternyata nggak ribet ya bikin sfx makeup itu




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