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Last Thursday, I was invited to Shiseido 's beauty event which held in Pakuwon Mall Atrium, Surabaya. When I reached the spot, I...

Last Thursday, I was invited to Shiseido's beauty event which held in Pakuwon Mall Atrium, Surabaya. When I reached the spot, I was quite surprised because the space was so big and everything seems perfectly organized. All dominated with white and red just like Shiseido's brand identity color, so no wonder that the dresscode in that evening was also white with touch of red.

Ce Mindy with the MC 

Mrs. Michelle with the MC

The event began around 7 pm with introduction and little talk from the bubbly MC and several invitees. Later after that she guided and showed us the booths and services which are available at this Shiseido event. I want to talk more about each of them but I think it will be easier for you to read if I categorized into points, so here they are :)

- Skin Check Booth

First, the MC showed us the skin check booth which located at the front side of the main stage. At this booth we will know our skin health from the firmness, moisture level of the skin, etc, through the skin check gadget. Unfortunately I missed the chance to do skin check because as the MC said, the skin check result will be more accurate if the person who do the skin check doesn't wearing any makeup or just less, but on that day I was wearing bold makeup, so I stepped back and move to makeup booth instead :)

- Makeup & Products Trial Booth

At this booth, I could try Shiseido's cosmetic products from eyeshadow to lipstick  eyeliner to mascara. I didn't want to miss this chance, so I did some touch up on my makeup. I tried their eyeshadow, mascara, blusher, and lipstick. As I tried, I must admit that Shiseido's mascara and lipstick are so good and worth to try, I suggest you to try them immediately!

- Touch Up Service Booth

I've done applying some makeup on my face at the makeup booth and then I was asked by the MC to try the touch up service booth at the back side. There, my makeup was retouched again by the MUA who's in-charge at that time. She said that my makeup was already bold enough so she just added more glow with Shiseido highlighter. After that, I moved a bit to the side, there's a hair do service from Shiseido team. Without any hesitation, I came toward and asked the hair dresser to create a bit volume for my hair, I love the result though ! Oh, I also remember before she curl my hair with curling iron, she applied Shiseido hair serum first and it smells so good and refreshing !

- Ring Light Selfie Booth

I bet every girls want to try to do selfie with ring light at least once. Yup, I did mine too and the result was super awesome! I thanked the photographer so much because besides taking picture from his lens, he generously asked if I want him to take picture with my camera too, I said yes obviously :)

- OOTD with Yukata at the Photobooth

This was my favorite part. So, Shiseido has prepared some yukata ( Japanese traditional clothes ) for us to wear and take outfit picture with it. This was my first time wearing yukata and it was fun! I also took group pictures with some blogger, influencer friends who were also wearing yukata. Even at the end of the event too, we still wore yukata until we realized that people around the atrium started to stare at us, lol :)

 With Claresta, Jessica, and Windy

Overall, I really enjoyed the event, it was totally fun and unforgettable ! I knew more about Shiseido products, especially that their skin care is not only for mature women ( for anti-aging ) but also for us to prevent any break out and to keep our skin healthy. So, for now, I think we should take care of our skin but most of all, understand your skin first :)

Anyway, for Surabaya people who also want to enjoy these experience, just directly come to the event at Pakuwon Mall Atrium until June, 18. You cna also get some hot promotions from Shiseido ! Once again, thank you Shiseido for having me and for this goodie bag ( oh, and for the yummy desserts as well ) !

With Jessica A and Ce Mindy

With dearest Ce Mindy and Bella 

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