3 Easy Steps to Keep Stylish on Busy Days

As fashion designer yet fashion blogger, I need to watch over my appearance almost all the time. Not because I forced to, but because i...

As fashion designer yet fashion blogger, I need to watch over my appearance almost all the time. Not because I forced to, but because it keeps me learning and learning more about fashion and I love doing it, obviously. I know and admit that I am not always being stylish, I often lost any idea on what should I wear, especially when I am busy. Have you ever experienced the same case as me ? If so, then this post might helpful for you because I am going to share easy steps which I often do to keep stylish on busy days :)

STEP 1 : Create a mood board
When it comes to fashion, all we need is mood board. Mood board guide us on what we like on that time. It helps to explain on what we exactly need because that's all based on our current mood. We can capture any interesting items and collect them ( also can print them out ) or just simply collect them in Pinterest board, create new board every two weeks at least, then we can easily conclude on what we should wear everyday, so easy right ?

STEP 2 : Find inspiration through online fashion magazine or social media
We don't have time to watch our wardrobe and find stylish pieces to be paired but we always have time to grab our phone and scrolling around social media or any website since it could be done anywhere, anytime. Hence, after we creating the mood board, we can find some inspiration through online fashion magazine or social media based on our current mood board, it really works on me anyway!

STEP 3 : Arrange your wardrobe once every two weeks
Messy things always ruin our mind, don't you agree ? But when we're busy, we do not care about that. We just pick anything we see and often wear the same outfit because they are the easiest to be picked. So, to avoid this, we need to arrange our wardrobe at least once every two weeks. We can do it on our off-day though and I think it's quite easy to do. After finding some inspiration from your favorite magazine or website, you can try place your chosen pieces on the top of the rack or maybe you can also arrange them based on the colour palette.

Okay, now I am done explaining about 3 easy steps to keep stylish on busy days. Actually it works on me but sometimes doing those things make my gadgets full of pictures and too much history either on my Safari or Chrome which means it's quite risky to be injected by virus. However, I relieved that there is a best antivirus app that could protect my gadget from virus. Yup, I think we all need this antivirus app not only for our laptop or PC but also for our phone because as busy people we have lot of things to be protected in our phone, right? That's why prevent is much better than cure. Go contact AVG.com for further information about its antivirus app and let's keep stylish on busy days girls :)

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10 Comment

  1. Great tips! Arranging our clothes often let us see old clothes that we might want to wear again or revamped.😊


  2. I follow step two and three. It really helps. Great tips.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  3. Amazing post :) I love moodboards and pinterest - they help me during the day to find ideal pieces and mix them :)

  4. Good tips!!! I'm everyday on instagram for getting inspired and my mobile is full of screenshoots with outfits or make-up trends...anyway first of all I've my idea in mind and then depending on the mood I change it or I go on with it!!!

  5. These tips are really helpful. Usually, I don't run out of inspiration, but on the rare times I do, I like to search the net for style inspiration.
    Have a great new week. ❤ Radi


  6. Your outfit is beautiful! Great tips!
    Have a wonderful new week!

  7. love this look on you! look so cute :D


  8. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips. I follow steps 2 & 3 to get me inspired. Your pink top is beautiful and your style is always effortless.


  9. Wow, thank you for the tips, Chel! Aku mah apa atuh, style-nya yaa gitu2 aja.. hihii...
    Btw, gara2 Ransomeware yg lagi heboh, jadi takut kalau PC-ku kena virus, apalagi smartphone yg kena, duh jgn sampai deh! Antivirus memang perlu banget diinstal.


  10. i always skip out step 3 and say i don't have clothes to wear because i cant remember what i have XD




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