[EVENT] Woman Trunk Show 2017

This was my first experience attending a trunk show event so I am way too excited to share with you guys, especially it is relat...

This was my first experience attending a trunk show event so I am way too excited to share with you guys, especially it is related to fashion and beauty. Woman Trunk Show is an event presented by an online magazine based in Surabaya, WomanBlitz, and it was held for supporting Surabaya's local designers. Done with the introduction, let's just heading to the excitement of the event :)

Woman Trunk Show was held last Saturday, April 22nd at Bumi Surabaya Hotel, Surabaya. In this event, we could see the magic hands of 3 local designers who turned things from nothing become something. They are Mrs. Ellysagita Giri from Menail Salon as the nail artist, Mr. Eggy Aksana from Egie Room as bag designer, and Mrs. Nancy Wong from Nancy Wong Couture as fashion designer. 

1. Mermaid's Dream by Ellysagita Giri

Brought Mermaid's Dream as the theme of her showcase collection, we can tell how well she did each nail of the models, so dramatic, dreamy, and pearls resemble to mermaid as well! Fyi, few days before the event, Ms. Elly was so generous because I got chance to do gel nail art in her nail salon, I was so satisfied with the result though!

My nails, beautifully created by Menail Salon

2. Dazzling Couture by Egie Aksana

Who said feminine bags only created by women designers? Well, at least Egie Aksana proved this wrong, because almost all of his bags were so feminine and high-end! From these pictures below, you can see he played a lot with statements such as gem stones and trimmed laces, aren't they all look so elegant? In this section too, my blogger/influencer friends and I felt honored to walk the runway while carrying Egie Aksana's bags, I couldn't be more proud! ( actually I was so nervous since I am not a model, lol! ). Moreover, Egie also gave one of his collection to each of us and it was beautifully packed with box and garnished with pink bow!

3. Glamour Silhouette by Nancy Wong

People said our works mostly based on our characters, I think this is true when it comes to Nancy Wong. Her collection has sweet, classic, elegant style, with touch of matureness just like her personalities. Yes, I was amazed by her works during this show, especially when her dresses were shown by aesthetic doctors not models! 

Weren't they all look super beautiful and flawless ? That was because of the talented hand of my beauty blogger friend, Ce Fanny from blackroseartproject.wordpress.com who did makeup to all the doctor models. Proud of you Ce Fanny!

Overall, I was so glad to be invited in this event, thank you so much for WomanBlitz and Surabaya Beauty Blogger, especially Ce Mindy, this was a great and unforgettable experience for me.

Last but not least, I also want to say thank you to all parties who supported this event :

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  1. Very beautiful post and great pictures... kisses


  2. You are attending so many wonderful events! ♥ Lovely photos ❀

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  3. Lovely post! Great events!
    Happy weekend!:)


  4. Hi. I am following your blog and I hope you follow back.

  5. Oh my I love everything presented at this show... those nails, handbag and clothing.
    I'm sure it was a fabulous time. The way she did your nails is really pretty.


  6. Those nails and dresses are just wow!

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  7. The event sounds great :D
    Love the photographs!!
    Wish you a lovely week my dear


  8. That really was amazing event! I like this review a lot!
    Wonderful photos! I like these nails, it's perfect.
    Lovely post.

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  9. Sounds like an amazing event. Those bags are gorgeous, Chealsea. Happy May, girl.
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  10. Your review about event always sounds amazing, Chelsheaa :)
    Good job!


  11. konsep mermaid emang lagi hits banget ya di dunia fashion & makeup sekarang ini. btw, cantik banget baju yang kamu pake, Chel! :D




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