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We may know about Bioderma , even some of us are loyal fan of Bioderma products, but have you ever wondered about the background of th...

We may know about Bioderma, even some of us are loyal fan of Bioderma products, but have you ever wondered about the background of the brand and why did they innovate such awesome products? Therefore, today I wrote this post to you guys because I am going to reveal some things I have learned from Bioderma's Launching Event in Surabaya few weeks ago which really opened up my eyes and thought about this brand, so please keep reading :)

Bioderma Launching Event was held on Saturday, April 8th at one of the luxury restaurant in town, Domicile Kitchen Lounge. Before the event started, we are allowed to take pictures as much as we want while enjoying our lunch. From the pictures above, you can see that there was a mini stage which placed in front of our table, also the table was fully decorated with beautiful flowers, some Bioderma Sensibio H20 which blend so well with the decoration, and our names was also beautifully printed on each seat, that's made me impressed, seriously. Then for my lunch menus, I had Caesar Salad as appetizer, Pan Seared Barramundi as main course, and Chocolate Panacotta as dessert. No doubt about the taste, all of them are perfectly enough to please my tongue because I think Domicile really knows the dose of each ingredients of their menus so almost all of their foods are highly recommended, thanks to Bioderma team to choose this venue :)

Mr. Sahid as the MC 

Ms.Dea Karmia as the first speaker 

Ms. Detya Amanda as the second speaker

After finished our lunch, Ms. Heidy as the Marketing Director welcomed us with warm greeting and explained a bit about this Bioderma launching event in Surabaya then continued by the bubbly MC, Mr. Sahid before Ms. Dea as the first speaker started to explain about what Bioderma is.

BIODERMA comes from words BIO which means Biology, a study of derm and its function while DERMA means study that learns about skin diseases. This brand was found by Jean-Noel Thorel who is Doctor in Pharmacy, Biologist, also Cellular Biology Specialist. Bioderma also has differentiation, their model is a healthy skin, while their concept is "Mimetic Biology" which molecules they used are just the same with our skin structures so is safely guaranteed for sensitive skin. Moreover, Bioderma also keeps "Dermatological Safety" as their mission.

Bioderma has arrived in Indonesia several years ago and their products which are available in Indonesia are Sensibio ( for sensitive skin ), Sebium ( for oily skin ), Hydrabio ( for dehydrated skin ), Atoderm ( for dry skin ), and Photoderm ( for skin and sun ). Can you guess which product is the best-seller in Indonesia ? Yup, SENSIBIO H20 obviously !

Later after explaining the general information about Bioderma, our second speaker, Ms. Detya took over the stage to continue explained about Sensibio H20. The first question she said was this : Is Bioderma the creator of micellar water ? YES/NO/MAYBE ? The answer is NO. Bioderma is not the creator of micellar water, but Bioderma is the innovator of micellar water and the first brand who uses micellar water for sensitive skin.

Then why is Bioderma Sensibio H20 loved by many people ? It is because its micellar water for sensitive skin works very nice and safely guaranteed. As we know, sensitive skin has low tolerant, hyper-reactive, but high sensitivity which means it is really susceptible of any chemical. However, Sensibio H20 solves the worries because of its high tolerant, high cleaning ability, natural preservation ( no paraben, anti oxidants, anti inflammatory, moisturizing ), plus it has slightly similar pH with our skin, which is 5.

Mr. Qq Franky, Professional Make Up Artist

Ce Fanny as the model of Mr. Qq Franky

After the fun yet educational explanation from both speakers, we were heading to the make-up class who hosted by Indonesian Professional Make-Up Artist, Mr. Qq Franky! Before the class started, each of us are equipped with a tiny pouch consists of cute sizes of Sensibio H20 micellar water, soothing cream, and toner, then now we all set! We learned how to do the perfect soft daily make-up from Qq Franky and I pointed out that skin care does a great part for a flawless make-up. Anyway, we also got chance to try another Bioderma product, which is Hydrabio Brume Facial Spray. It's so refreshing though!

Was it over ? Not yet! Because after that, we all got chance to visit Guardian at Galaxy Mall and Bioderma team even provided the bus for us, how sweet! Then, why did we visit Guardian ? Because we can easily find Bioderma's products in Guardian and currently at that time they offered some amazing deals due to Bioderma's official launching.

In the bus, with cutie Devita from castleindeair.blogspot.com

Now the event ended there in Guardian Galaxy Mall. However, before we left, once again Bioderma indulged us by giving goodie bag ( consists of Bioderma Sensibio H20 in 250 ml, Guardian round cotton pads, ultra moist lip balm, plus with the Bioderma pouch as well ) to each of us and this leads to my mini review of Bioderma Sensibio H20 :)

Thick plastic bottle with pink cap, we can read the ingredients and the instruction at the back side of the bottle.

Obviously watery, fragrance-free.

This Sensibio H20 can remove my makeup easily ( in one swipe ), even the waterproof one. It feels so refreshing, moisturizing, and somehow has cool sensation. After applying this product, I can obviously feel my skin becomes smoother and springy.

- Fragrance-free
- Can remove any makeup easily
- Refreshing, moisturizing, cool sensation
- Suits for any skin type

- A bit pricey ( 100ml for 143.000 rupiahs, 250ml for 231.000 rupiahs, and 500ml for 341.000 rupiahs)

Overall, this is the best micellar water I have ever tried and I have to say that I really love the refreshing sensation the most. I always feel my skin becomes healthier after using this product somehow. I highly recommend this product since this product is really safe for any skin type and we can also skip the 'cleansing ritual' by changing with one product only, quite economic right? 

Finally the post ends here and once again I thank BIODERMA for this wonderful event and being so generous to us :) #BiodermainSBY #BiodermaXGuardian

Find Bioderma products here :
- Guardian
- Watsons 
- Sociolla.com
- Century

BIODERMA website : www.bioderma.co.id 
Instagram : @bioderma_indonesia

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