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Have you ever heard about this word 'Beautiphication' ? I am sure that some of us don't have any idea about what 'Bea...

Have you ever heard about this word 'Beautiphication' ? I am sure that some of us don't have any idea about what 'Beautiphication' is, yeah, me neither. Thus, it's a good chance for me to share about my experience learning about Beautiphication from Clariskin's blogger meetup event, together with Surabaya Beauty Blogger (SBB) fellows and WomanBlitz as the organizer. For some of you who doesn't know yet, Clariskin is a beauty clinic in Surabaya which known as face & nose lift experts and they bring Beautiphication as their principal theory.

Our speaker Dr. Junivan with Dr. Dina, Dr. Diana, hosted by Mrs. Lilies from WomanBlitz

Dr. Junivan as the speaker is a Head Aesthetic Doctor and also a founder of Clariskin who is known for his Beautiphication technique under Dr. Arthur Swift from Canada. Firstly, he opened his presentation by showing us 6 pictures of same woman with 6 slight different look and we were asked to choose which look has the best proportion, without no doubt we chose the last 2 pictures have the best proportion ( too bad I didn't take the picture but trust me, although the faces are all similar but each has different face proportion ). Then, Dr. Ivan ( his familiar name ) explained that it's where Beautiphication comes from. Generally, our eyes are programmed to see symmetrical things and symmetrical things can be measured, Even Leonardo DaVinci also said that there is mathematic inside beauty. It was proved by his masterpiece, Mona Lisa, which told that it was using a divine proportion or now called as Golden Ratio. Dr. Ivan concluded that Golden Ratio can be found on attractive face which means beautiful face ( without considering on their race, ethnic, age, etc ) always has a perfect symmetry. 

Dr. Junivan gave some consultation to Nessya on what will he do to her face if she do a face lift 

So, are you measuring your face right now and found that your face is not symmetry enough? Dr. Ivan has the answer. The key is thread lift. No matter how old your age is, he claimed that thread lift could be applied to all people in any age. For young age, he could easily recommend threads from Korea, while for mature age he recommended to use threads from America or Europe since they more long last ( Korea's threads long lasts for 1-2 years, America's for 3-4 years, and Europe's for 5-6 years ). Does it hurt to put thread inside your face? Mr. Indra as the Head Marketing of Clariskin and also one of the client gave us some testimonies. He said that it was not as hurt as he expected, he also claimed that there's no side effect after doing the thread lift, only need to stay away from certain heat because it could shorten the longevity of the thread and turn it into collagen.

To be cleared, face lift is totally different with plastic surgery which has many risks and changes our face. Face lift is more like treatment which could make you become the best version of yourself. People wont notice any difference of your face, they will only think that you look much more attractive than before, that's all!

After the presentation and Beautiphication lesson from Dr. Ivan, we all accompanied by Dr. Diana to have a clinic tour and later after that we enjoyed the yummy snacks which are perfectly served and had a not-so-short photoshoot session ( yeah. there are lot of good spots here ).

 With lovely Ce Mindy, blogger from pinkandundecided.blogspot.co.id and Bella, blogger from amandatorquise.blogspot.com

Last but not least, each of us received a cute goodie bag from Clariskin which consists of BB Cream, Face Wash, and a free facial voucher worth IDR 250.000! Once again, thank you Clariskin, Surabaya Beauty Blogger, and WomanBlitz to make this event possible :)

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  1. This is really an informative post. Plus, you all look beautiful.

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  7. You look gorgeous, I love the dress! This post was really interesting to read - at first I was put off by the concept and by changing the way you look but then we kinda do the same by plucking our eyebrows and cutting our hair. It is definitely an interesting idea although I don't think I'd do it xx


  8. Great event Dear, very inspiring and you look super cute:*

  9. Event Super! Really interesting and fortunate to join! :)

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  12. I've heard a lot about symmetry and the Golden Ratio. But thread lifting doesn't sound to good to me. But it might be me: always terrified of beauty procedures.

    The food looks really good :)



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