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It's not as dark as black, yet it's not as bright as white. It is blue. I am not talking about the color, but the feeling. 201...

It's not as dark as black, yet it's not as bright as white. It is blue. I am not talking about the color, but the feeling. 2017 has just begun but seems like I distance myself from joyfulness already. I was feeling so blue recently and I didn't know the reason why. It was so uncertain, empty, boring, and it seemed like everyone left although I know they're still there. I was too sick to face this condition until I had a thought to just leave this city, leave my dream, and go back home. Then I realized that I should not let this any longer. I should get up and rise again. But how I send away those blue feelings? Well, it turns out that pray and self-reconciliation are the answer for me. When I was at my lowest part, I gave up then I started to pray again and after that I made myself realized that there are lot of things I should be grateful for : my family, friends, and all the talents I have given. So, I started to get up again, put a smile on my face, change my hairstyle, and try to be the best version of mine.

Talk about outfit, this was inspired by my feeling that time. Did you remember that I often wear darker color when I was not in the good mood? Just like this time, I used to pair this grey bell sleeved top with pink skirt, but here I paired it with asymmetric chiffon long top in navy color and an embossed short. I also wore pom-pom earrings which I really love, grey shoulder/hand bag and studded heels. So, can you feel the mood of this outfit as well? 

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  1. You look stunning in this outfit dear!!! I love your bell sleeves top :-)

  2. Love the outfit, at first I thought it was a dress hehe

    lu | Coco&Louis

  3. really nice pics!!


  4. looking good love the bell sleeves .Prayer helps me too, keep on moving .Just followed you on G+ if may please follow back

  5. Love this outfit! The combination of the inner too and the dress is just perfect!
    Would you like to follow each other? :D

  6. Chelsea, I am totally in love with this outfit. You look super amazing today and so beautiful, love the asymmetric and the bell sleeves, actually I love everything.
    New update: Midweek Mix

  7. I get the same feelings this time of year myself. First because of Christmas, then NYE and then my birthday. It's hard not to fall in a slump but one must pull themselves out. I love your use of prayer. I'm going to adopt it myself.


  8. The unusual design and asymmetric shape looks great on you! I am into blue recently too ^^

    Have a nice day~

  9. Beautiful bag :)



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