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I am sure most of you guys have known about KoreaBuys especially Korean beauty & fashion lovers. KoreaBuys is a trusted online shopp...

I am sure most of you guys have known about KoreaBuys especially Korean beauty & fashion lovers. KoreaBuys is a trusted online shopping website which sells all your need of korean beauty and fashion ( yeah, they sell various Korean brands from make up to fashion, successfully makes me drooling, lol ).

Anyway, this Ramadan time especially this June,20th, KoreaBuys will launch their surprising beauty products package called "Happy Bag". Happy Bag is a KoreaBuys's special bag contains of random beauty products costs only IDR 200.000 with the products inside worth IDR 1.000.000 ! Some of you may think it will be risky if we buy beauty products package without knowing what's inside it, but hey, can we find a beauty products package for IDR 200.000 ( around $15 ) but the products worth IDR 1.000.000 ( around $77 ) ? I am not sure about that. So, I think this is a BIG DEAL for us, especially the products inside Happy Bag is originally from KoreaBuys which is it's from Korea.

Do I need this Happy Bag for my blog ? What's the benefit for me ?
Of course! You guys already know that I usually write Korean make up or skin care review on my blog, so this Happy Bag will help me like, a lot!

- I can write more review about another Korean brand
Because sometimes I just keep using the same beauty products from a brand all over again so I rarely try another brand and makes me don't know anymore what to review here. So, I think Happy Bag can helps me to treasure new beauty products or brand which maybe I don't know before, then try them and sharing my review to you guys. Exciting, right?

- I can make a tutorial make up using all products from Happy Bag
Trying new products and create a make up tutorial using all products from that one package, so interesting!

- It's like a birthday gift
You know, when you received birthday gift from someone, you must not know what's inside it before right? And when you opened it, you must be full of curiosity, then after you opened it, you'll appreciate it so much because it's given by effort. That's what I am feeling about Happy Bag, it's like a birthday gift :)

For you guys who curious and want this Happy Bag, go check www.koreabuys.com !

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  1. waa~ kita sama2 ikutann!!
    wish us luck ya, Chel^^

  2. what a lovely post my dear
    the beauty products areso amazing
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  3. Love the idea of this! Looks so fun!
    -Katelyn // katelynrutt.com

  4. Amazing post! I'm following you now, I hope you will follow me back ♥

  5. Que maximo essa postagem

  6. I didn't know about it before :) Thank you!

    Sara's City

  7. Never bought anything from Koreabuys because their shipping cost is usually expensive T-T and that turned me off.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  8. This bag sounds amazing and you're absolutely right, it is like a birthday gift. And it's always great to support local brands and venture out a bit more - I am also guilty of never trying any new brands. xx


  9. It's like beauty subscription boxes, some of the products you receive in their definitely make it worth it!!x


  10. Looking at these products just makes me so happy! I love the idea and all that you get inside.
    Happy week! <3 Radi


  11. Nice post.



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