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If you are on the hunt for an engagement ring to take someone’s breath away, you are advised to look at some of the stunning antique diamond...

If you are on the hunt for an engagement ring to take someone’s breath away, you are advised to look at some of the stunning antique diamond engagement rings that are available from the antique dealer. The range of styles and designs is wide, as there are many so called eras, and with that in mind, here are some of the most popular engagement rings that can be classed as antique.

Art Deco
The Art Deco period began after the end of WWI and was first displayed to the world at a design exhibition held in Paris, with bold geometric shapes and straight lines that signaled the end of the austerities that war had forced upon the people. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies were used to create stunning rings with a lot of colour and were often combined with diamonds.

The Victorian Era
This was very much the time when jewelry found the masses, as up until that time, jewelry was the exclusive domain of the rich and wealthy aristrocrats, and with antique engagement rings for sale at Kalmar Antiques, who happen to be one of Australia's leading dealers in fine antique jewelry, you can source the perfect engagement ring. Colorful gem stones and intricate craftmanship were the order of the day, with flower and cluster diamond arrangements, while Victorian diamond cluster rings are very much sought after. The Victorian era consisted of 3 periods: the early, the grand and the aesthetic periods, each with its own unique style. The early period was when Queen Victoria met Albert, married and they had 9 children together, while the grand period was the time for Victoria's children to set the jewelry trends, which they did so well. Finally, the aesthetic period was largely taken up with Queen Victoria's 60th Jubilee and that influenced engagement rings.

The Retro Period
The post-WWII world saw the emergence of the Retro period, and larger stones were used after years of austerity during the war, with creative designs that reflected the happiness to finally be at peace once more. In some ways, the Retro designs were similar to Art Deco and Edwardian designs. 

Edwardian And Art Nouveau
This was a time when platinum met diamonds, with stunning engagement rings with raised prongs and the arrival of the brilliant cuts empowered jewelry makers to understand how to set the stone in such a way to create maximum sparkle. If you are looking to contact a reputable dealer, an online search will direct you to a dealer’s website.

There are many reasons antique jewelry is very popular: the craftsmanship is not in any doubt and the designs are very appealing, while buying antique jewelry is very much regarded as an investment. Whether you prefer the romantic designs from the Victorian period, or the bold, rich designs of Art Deco, the online antique dealer has you covered.

If you want to impress your future bride, make sure you buy an antique engagement ring, which will be a truly unique symbol of your love.

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