[REVIEW] INGA Semi Matte Lipstick - #KISS ME

Back again with #LipstickReview and this time is from Korean brand that you might love (or not) after finishing reading this review. IN...

Back again with #LipstickReview and this time is from Korean brand that you might love (or not) after finishing reading this review. INGA, which brand inspired by growing artists, comes up with 17 semi matte lipstick that is perfectly colored with a single touch, four categories of shades, and claims that it can give smooth texture on the lips. Does this really give magic touch for my super dry lips ? Let's prove it !

What it is :
Semi matte lipstick with 17 color options from warm tone to cool tone that fit well on the lip with soft, smooth texture. This lipstick claims that it can spread lightly onto lips.

Consists of 4 color categories :
- SOME LINE : #Somebody Love, #Something New, #Sometimes, #Someone Like, #Someday Mood
- RED LOVE LINE : #Love Me Tender, #Love Me More, #Love Actually, #Flame
- MLBB ME LINE : #Kiss Me, #Hug Me, #With Me, #Look At Me
- VIVID LINE : #Mistic Day, #Love Spell, #Runaway, #Tropical Island

Removed with Tissue

Before-After Applying The Lipstick

Basic, simple tube with black doff packaging that is super lightweight with name shade at the bottom side of the paper box and tube.

Soft, silky texture with matte slight glossy finish.

The color that I chose (#Kiss Me) has rose color ( pink with red undertone ) with slight hint of coral tone that is very sweet and cute. I've been using this lipstick on repeat and I love how it can give smooth effect to my lips. It  glides easily and feels so moisturizing. However as you can see from the picture above, it can't stay for long period. Since it has slight glossy finish, the color removed easily just by one swipe of tissue paper although the color is 30% there. It's transferable and not that pigmented indeed, but since I love the color and it doesn't dry my lips, I like to wear it daily.

- Lightweight
- Glides onto lips easily
- Soft, silky texture
- Matte, slight glossy finish
- Lot of color options ( cool and warm tone )
- Moisturizing, doesn't dry lips
- Affordable price

- Basic packaging
- Transferable
- Medium color pigmentation

I always like to try and write review about lip product that is friendly for people who has dry lips - and I can say that I highly recommend this lipstick for you to try. It's very lightweight and moisturizing, perfect for your daily makeup, especially if you're typical warm tone skin like me. 

If you want to try this lipstick too, you can get it for super friendly price if you checkout at : hicharis.net/chelsheaflo . So, are you team #Matte or #Glossy or #SemiMatte when it comes to lipstick ?

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 157.000 / around $11 ( from my link : IDR 136.000 / around $9.70 )

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