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Lately I've been indulged myself so much with lip products and I just can't stop until now. This time that I am going to share ...

Lately I've been indulged myself so much with lip products and I just can't stop until now. This time that I am going to share with you is one of my recent favorite matte lip cream brand from Indonesia, ARRA BEAUTY. I knew this product for the first time from Clozette Indonesia and right after receiving the product, I can't help myself but trying it immediately so I can share my thought and opinion about this luxury matte lip cream that specially formulated for people who has dry lips. Let's get to know more about this product, shall we ?

What it is :
Lip matte with anti-aging formula that moisturize lips and nurture its natural beauty. Enriched with vitamin E, contains food flavor ( chocolate milk ), moisturizer ( petrolatum ), and emmolient ( shea butter, lanolin, and almond oil ) to moisturize lips, no paraben-wax-alcohol-sulfate-allergen-perfume. This product claims that it can smoothen lip lines and increase plumpiness of the lips.

Consists of 7 shades from 3 series :
Pink series : Maya, Banda, Muna.
Red series : Praya, Mara,
Nude series : Ora, Bira


Wiped with tissue 

 Cleansed with cleansing oil

Luxury, light weight yet sturdy, travel-friendly acrylic tube that contains 4.5 ml product, comes with sealed holographic paper box. It has soft, decent size of doe-foot applicator but the shape is a little bit too round for me. Ingredients, manufacture date, and expired date can be seen on the paper box, written in English.

Watery-creamy, super smooth texture with highly pigmented color and strong chocolate milk scent.

Since the very first time I use this lip cream, I can tell that this product has surprisingly super soft texture that makes me fall in love. It glides smoothly on my lips and the color is super pigmented thus I only need one sweep to cover all over lips ( I usually apply the product on the inner of my lips then blend it with cotton swab or finger ). Although it doesn't set quickly on the lips ( need to wait around a minute for it to completely set ), this lip cream moisturizes my lips so much with velvet-matte finish which I really like because it looks natural on my lips. Unfortunately, this lip cream doesn't have great transfer-proof ability. Just like what you can see on the picture above, when I tried to wipe the product with tissue, it's like more than 50% of the color disappears and it's easy to be cleansed with cleanser. However, this lip cream can stay on the lips for around 5 hours without eating or drinking from the glass and I don't need to apply lip balm before using it because the product itself contains formula that doesn't harm my super dry lips, such a big plus point for me!

- Luxury, travel-friendly packaging
- Pretty, fresh color shades
- Watery-creamy, super smooth texture
- Economic ( only need one sweep to cover full lips )
- Pigmented color
- Velvet-matte finish
- Moisturizes lips very well, perfect for dry lips

- Round tip doe-foot applicator that makes it difficult to shape the lips
- Transferable
- Doesn't set quickly

Among all those three colors that I got from them, I must pick Banda as my favorite shade because this kind of pink color is just perfect for my warm tone skin, looks bold but not too much and suits for any occasion. I also adore Praya but I can't wear it daily because it might be catch attention so much for its hot red color. While for Bira, since I am not a fan of nude color, I must say that it's just okay.

To sum this up, I highly recommend this product to you who have dry lips like me, this lip cream is seriously good and moisturizes lips so much. So, if you want to give it a try, head to www.arrabeauty.com and use this code : ARRALUCKYYEAR for 15% additional discount. They are also available in Shopee and Tokopedia anyway, I attach the link below for you to find out more :)

Price : IDR 179.000 ( around $12.5 )
Rate : 4.5 out of 5

Arra Beauty's Official Instagram : @arra_beauty
Shopee Store : arra_beauty
Tokopedia Store : arrabeauty

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  1. I love Praya. That is such a beautiful raspberry tone. Shame about the transfer. That would really make me reconsider purchasing.


  2. emang keliatan moisturizing sih. tapi kok transfer banget ya diusap tisu doang :(
    btw shade praya cakep banget aku sukak <3

  3. Ya ampun Chel...aku naksir abis sama shade praya, plis lemparin kemari donk hehehe...

  4. The shades are definitely really beautiful! Praya is my favourite for sure. Love that you tested how easily they transferred. So smart!

  5. These are so stunning. I love the "praya" shade! WOW!
    Lip products are my absolute fave!


  6. Great review and beautiful lipsticks! :)
    New post - www.minniearts.com

  7. I agree to keep your lips smooth use a lip exfoliant and always wear some type of lipstick or lip balm, especially wintertime or in the sun.
    Leland West

  8. Love how pigmented it is.
    Nice review.


  9. Wow these colors are all so stunning! Thanks so much for this well thought out blog post!

    -Emily | www.TheEmilyEdition.com



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