[REVIEW] Mineral Botanica Lip Cheek Eye Wunder Cream + Lip Glaze

Holiday season is coming near - which means we have to prepare for all the shimmer, glittery things and make ourselves shine brighter t...

Holiday season is coming near - which means we have to prepare for all the shimmer, glittery things and make ourselves shine brighter than usual, who's with me ? Well, you don't have to dress up so much to look glam though, sometimes you just need a little touch of shimmer, glittery lip cream and you're all set ! That's why this time, I am going to share about these 2 new lip series from Mineral Botanica that might suit this holiday season, especially YOU. So, let's get to know more about these products !


What it is :
Multi-function lip cream with matte-mettalic result that can be used as eyeshadow, cheek blush, and lip cream. Formulated with vitamin E as antioxidant, Squalene and Hydrolized Adansonia Digitata extracts to moisturize lips, this product claims that it has great staying power and kiss-proof.

How to use :
1. Open the applicator and apply on the lips as lip cream.
2. Put few of the cream onto finger and then pat on to cheek as blush.
3. Apply sufficient amount of the cream onto finger then to eyelids as eyeshadow.

Consists of 7 shades :
Ursa Major (201), Mensa (203), Sagitarius (205), Virgo (207), Cosmo Red (209), Canes Venatici (211), Tucana (213).

Swatches on hand 

Wiped with tissue 

Cleanse with cleanser oil

I wore Sagitarius (205) for eyelids, lips, and cheeks

Clear acrylic tube that comes with shimmer paper box and safely secured with plastic wrapped around the paper box. Its doe-foot applicator is very soft and has decent size. At firs, it's quite difficult for me to find the shade name on the paper box before opening the seal, but then I found out that it's on the side part of the box, along with the expired date.

Thick creamy texture with super pigmented colors and soft, sweet candy scent.

This lip cream has super pigmented colors and super soft that makes me only need one swipe to cover whole lips. It has matte result indeed, but what makes it different with other lip cream is that it also has mettalic result but not that much - only when you look a little bit closer, you will notice that it has slight mettalic finish too. It doesn't set quickly so I need to wait around 1-2 minutes for it to totally set to lips and slightly sticky but the good thing is, it doesn't dry my lips although it does leave a some patches on the inner lips after more than 5 hours but I think it's normal. As you can see from the swatches above, it really has great transfer-proof ability, even when I tried to wipe it with cleanser oil, I need a little extra effort to remove the colors. Therefore, as for cheek blush and eyeshadow, I only need a drop of cream because the colors are really seen enough already.

- Super pigmented colors
- Soft, sweet candy scent
- Multi function ( can be used as eyeshadow, cheek blush, and lip cream )
- Doesn't dry lips
- Great staying power ( stay in place for almost all day long )
- Great transfer-proof

- Slightly sticky
- Might consider to wear it for daily wear


What it is:
Supporting product for any lip product that worn as top coat. This product helps to moisturize and keep the lips from free radical. Enriched with vitamin E as antioxidant, Squalene and Hydrolized Adansonia Digitata, this lip glaze could maintain moisture of the lips.

How to use :
Open the applicator and apply it as lip gloss after using lip cream or lipstick.

Consists of 2 shades : 
- Antila : clear gloss with silver glitter.
- Corona : chrome gloss with gold glitter.

Clear acyrclic tube comes with rainbow glossy paper box that safely sealed with plastic wrap. It has soft, decent size of doe-foot applicator.

Thick texture, sticky, with sweet candy scent.

I use this Lip Glaze as top coat for Wunder Cream and it does it job very well. It adds more of glittery, shimmery effect to my lips and perfect for any glam look. Although it has nice glittery result, overall it has the same function as other lip gloss. It's transfer everywhere, doesn't have great staying power, and you can obviously feel the sticky feeling on your lips when you wear this lip gloss.

- Safely sealed packaging
- Unique glittery result
- Pleasant candy scent
- Perfect for glam look

- Doesn't have great staying power
- Transfer-able
- Sticky

Do I love this product ? Obviously yes ! Although I feel that I am not confident enough to wear these products for everyday look ( except Ursa Major, Mensa, Sagitarius, and Virgo ), but these products are perfect for holiday season like this; the color options are really pretty and the matte-mettalic result is really captivating. Well, I would definitely wear them for upcoming Christmas and New Year celebration though, because, why not ? 

Special thanks to Beauty Journal :)

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : around IDR 70.000 ( $ 4.80 )

Mineral Botanica Official Website : www.mineralbotanica.com
Mineral Botanica Official Instagram : @mineralbotanica

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  1. I love all these lipsticks!!


  2. All color are so beautiful and look awesome on you :)

  3. lipstick and package is so good and lip glaze too. The colours is so nude and glamour too hahaha

  4. They are really beautiful shades dear! The only con for me is the stickiness factor, not a fan of that. Loved reading this awesome review on these babe!


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