[REVIEW] Namu Life Snailwhite Facial Cream

Snail slime extract may look gross for some of us but I bet some others already knew that snail slime works really good as anti-aging, ...

Snail slime extract may look gross for some of us but I bet some others already knew that snail slime works really good as anti-aging, repair skin damage issue, and also for hydrating skin.  No wonder that there are quite a lot of brands who launch their skincare product which contains of snail slime extract – and this facial cream from Namu Life is something that you shouldn’t miss because believe it or not, this SnailWhite is super hype, especially in Thailand ( since it’s actually a Thai brand ). Hence these days, not only Thai people who use this product but everyone, especially those who really love the double benefit Snail White has claimed – brightening and skin regeneration. Lucky me I got chance to try this product from Sociolla and share how this product works on my skin. Well, let’s just start it !

What it is :
Namu Life SnailWhite is a miracle nourishing cream that blends the snail secretion filtrate from Korea with essential natural plant extracts to achieve the specially formulated product. Namu Life Snailwhite is a special product with outstanding quality of skin regeneration and recovery. The cream effectively helps to heal acne scars, redness, darkspot and inflammation, minimize pores, while simultaneously enhances intensive hydration and noticeable firmness.  This product perfect for oily and combination skin.

How to use :
Apply only one pump of the cream sparingly onto the face and pat gently to let the cream absorbs into the skin. Use daily both in the morning and at night.

After absorbing into skin 

Sturdy acrylic bottle with unique round pump. This product is safely sealed with hologram seals on the paper box and on the bottle which is perfect for people who loves hygienic product. The description on the box is written with Thai but luckily there’s an English description on the back part of the bottle.

Light creamy texture ( which more like gel ) with no fragrance scent and slightly slimy too.

I’ve been using this Snailwhite Facial Cream for my day and night routine as moisturizer and I can really feel the result after more or less than 2 weeks. My skin is getting brighter and smoother. It hydrates my skin very well and doesn’t harm my skin. For day routine, I apply this facial cream before sun cream and I only need few amount of cream to cover all over my face which is very economic, plus it doesn’t leave any sticky feeling at all. It stays for quite long time ( around 8 hours ) before my skin starts to oily. While for night routine, I apply this cream after essence. Although it needs quite some while to absorbs into skin, I can say that this moisturizer is pretty good for my dry skin. It gives slight dewy on my face and it stays like that until I wake up in the morning ( I have this kind of habit to check my skin condition right after waking up in the morning, lol ). To be honest, I can’t really see if this product works for healing acne scars since I am currently not having that problem.

Hygienic and sturdy packaging ( comes with double hologram seals )
- Light creamy-gel texture
- Makes skin looks brighter and smoother
- Very economic ( only need few amount to cover whole face )
- Leaves slight dewy/glow on the skin without any sticky feeling
- Good for morning and night skincare routine
- Perfect for dry skin because it’s very soothing and hydrating

It takes minutes for the cream to absorbs into skin
- Cannot see how much the cream inside the bottle

It said that this product suits for oily and combination skin, but I feel like this one is also perfect for dry skin people like me. Well, I sum up that this product works pretty well on my face since it doesn’t harm my skin at all. It brightens up, hydrates my skin, and what I like the most is – the glow that doesn’t feel sticky on my face. I really recommend this product for those who wants to use facial cream as day and night skincare routine, and also for those who likes dewy skin result without feeling greasy ! Last but not least, if you want to try this product, I have a good news for you because now you can find this Namu Life Snailwhite Facial Cream in Sociolla – which is very convenient and safe ! Don’t forget to enter code SBNLA0SK at checkout to get 50K discount at checkout with minimum purchase of 250.000 :)

Price : Around IDR 399.000 ( $ 28 ) / size 50mL
Rate : 4 out of 5

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