Halloween Horror Nights 7 at Universal Studios Singapore

It's my second time attending Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore [ read my review of Halloween Horror Nights...

It's my second time attending Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore [ read my review of Halloween Horror Nights 6 here ] but this time is a little much different because I was invited by Resorts World Sentosa to join their media preview of Halloween Horror Nights 7 - which means I am honoured to experience the fearness for the first time before it opens for public ! I am beyond grateful, seriously :)

So this year, HHN brought 7 Sinisters as their icon which inspired by humans' vices consists of Empress Qing as Cruelty, Doctor White as Deception, Malice, Midnight Man as Manipulation, Raven as Narcissism, Lord Obsession as Obsession, and Father Time as Perversion. As an art-oriented kind of person, I have to admit that this year's concept and ideas are more than just awesome, so let's just begin the horror journey immediately !

Note : This article was made based on my personal opinion and experience.

Before the event started, we had an early dinner at KT's Grill and then continued with press conference. The foods served at KT's Grill were not just ordinary foods though, because some foods were decorated in creepy form or at least they were given creepy names. However, they tasted super good !

Opening Scaremony
There is no Halloween Horror Nights if there is no opening scaremony. This year's concept is more like a thriller drama - it's about an awarding night for actors who played role as the 7 Sinisters which suddenly ruined by Father Time and other icons who appeared from the hanging frames. Here we can enjoy the lighting games and some special effects that can make us thrilled even before entering any haunted house !

Pilgrimage of Sin
This scare zone which located in Hollywood area really drove me nuts at first. Compared to last year's March of Dead which full of beautiful creepy things, this scare zone was the opposite. Pilgrimage of Sin was super dark and full of unique yet creepy creatures such as Guardians of the Gate, The Devotees, The Keepers, and The Seekers of Sin. They're quiet but so terrifying, like seriously ! Moreover, there were lot of disgusting sceneries, so be careful for those who easily nauseated.

Expectation : I thought this scare zone will be not that scary, just full of creepy creatures.
Reality : Since this scare zone was super dark, I barely noticed creepy creatures around me. They just suddenly appeared and scared me just right in front of my face ! As I said before, they were quiet, but super active, some of them even pretend to chase me, especially those black furry creatures !

Zombie Laser Tag
This is the very first zombie laser tag experience in HHN which located beside Light, Camera, Action attraction. Here, we worked as team, consists of 4 players per team and one will be chosen as leader. Fyi, this game was full operated by high-tech system. Each player will hold laser gun, while leader will need to wear head band which used to detect consentration level of the player, so better if the leader leads the way for his/her team. We should kill all zombies by shooting them at the green light of the head band they wore, but we have to avoid their bites to survive. At the end of the game, we can also check our points.

Expectation : This experience would be so terrifying since zombies were super hyperactive yet scary ! Plus, I was pretty sure that I was going to lose because I was pretty bad in any game.
Reality : I was lucky enough to be a leader of my team, so I had to walk at the front and faced those zombies first whereas this was our first destination ! Such an ironic, lol. However, this experience was super fun and beyond awesome ! My team and I were survive at the end with decent scores anyway !

Make The Cut
Located near Sci-Fi area, this haunted house didn't seem like a haunted house from the building. It's actually an entertainment company named K/LL Entertainment. Make The Cut was really inspired by K-Pop wave as I noticed there were some words written in Hangeul with Raven as their main icon, one of Slit Face Girls's member.

Expectation : I have seen the trailer of this haunted house and the icon everywhere, I think this haunted house will be not that scary, even their icon, Raven, is just okay for me.
Reality : As I expected before, this haunted house was just normal. The makeup and the presentation of the actors were just ok, not scary at all, some of them even still look pretty, lol. There were quite many lights inside this haunted house which made it less scary.

Inspired by the tradition of ancient African, HEX, which located in Jurassic Park area with Midnight Man as the icon, can be concluded as the longest haunted house in HHN7. This haunted house was super narrow and full of creepy antiques which usually used by witches for voodoo ritual. Here we can see people's wishes written on the wall and later after few steps we see what they got for their wishes, it's the opposite.

Expectation : This was the scariest haunted house in HHN7 because of their icon, Midnight Man, was ultra scary.
Reality : Just like what I have expected again ! This haunted house was the longest yet the scariest among all. It seems like there were so many creepy, strange ghosts inside this haunted house and it's super narrow and dark - want it or not, we have to get through this until we meet Midnight Man at the end of the haunted house to finish this scary journey. Do not wish anything, please !

This haunted house reminds me of Terracotta army and I think my guess was right. Located in Water World area, Empress Qing as the main icon and the representative of Cruelty, appeared many times in this haunted house. Here we will find many victims, screams, and cruel laugh of Empress Qing. This haunted house was perfectly built and decorated with Chinese properties, wooden prison, and Terracotta figures.

Expectation : I was super curious on how Terracotta army figures become live.
Reality : Was it just me or there was no Terracotta ghost at this haunted house ? However, I found it scary when suddenly a mummy appeared from the wall ! For the Empress Qing herself, I think she's not scary although she appeared so many times. I love her costume anyway, so lavish and elegant !

Slice of Life Tour
It's like the continuation of Make The Cut, Slice of Life was more like a music concert by the Slit Face Girls with Raven as the leader of the group. Located in Hollywood Lagoon Stage, this show was almost like a Korean girl group's concert, but in a creepy way.

Expectation : I thought they will sing K-pop songs.
Reality : The fact is, they sang and danced their own songs, in English. However, the songs were quite easy listening and the choreography was awesome. Unfortunately, a little drama scene inside this performance was quite weird at the end.

Death Mall
Located in the same area with last year's Hawker Centre Massacre, which was Hollywood area, this haunted house was about a new mall which collapsed in the opening day. Took place inside the mall, Death Mall was the cosiest and spacious haunted house in HHN7. However, there were many ghosts of the victims plus the white haired Malice who suddenly appeared from the glass and the wall.

Expectation : I thought it would be similar with Hawker Centre Massacre.
Reality : While Hawker Centre Massacre was so sticky, Death Mall was super cozy. Although there were lot of ghosts passing by, I couldn't really feel the fear - but, beware of Malice. Once again, beware of glass and dark walls. She might scare you through those things.

Located inside Pantages Hollywood Theater, this show was about a doctor who forced a human to become his guinea pigs for his experiment which turned those people into superhumans. This show is for you who like to watch unique circus attraction anyway.

Expectation : I have no idea about this show, I thought it's just a circus attraction.
Reality : Frankly, I had no time to watch this show, because this show takes 25 minutes long while I haven't entered Inside The Mind and Happy Horror Days. Our guide gave us options either stay and watch Laboratorium show or leave and visit the last haunted house and scare zone. Without any doubt, I chose the second option :)

Inside The Mind
As I remembered from the press conference, actually this haunted house was made for HHN6 but then pushed until HHN7. In this haunted house, we will get inside Mr. Obsession's psycho, terrifying, unpredictable mind with amazing visual presentation. This house was more like mental prison with some eye trick illusion and light effects.

Expectation : I thought it's kind of a laboratorium with many visual effects.
Reality : This might not the scariest haunted house but this was the most creative and interactive haunted house in HHN7 ! The visual effects were not just ordinary visual effects though. I couldn't explain it clearly but Inside The Mind was the most memorable experience in HHN7 - but still, beware of the smoke and dark walls, someone might appear right in front of your face. Well, standing applause for the conceptor and the creative team of this haunted house !

Happy Horror Days
Father Time as the icon of this scare zone, created some twisted to people's favorite holiday and turned them into creepiest holiday. New Year's Eve, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine, Easter, and April Fools became the worst holiday ever here. The location is super spacious so we have to beware of the ghosts who will come to each side.

Expectation : I was really expecting this scare zone is creepier than Pilgrimage of Sin.
Realiry : Pilgrimage of Sin was definitely scarier than this Happy Horror Days but since this place was really well-decorated and creative, I would give this two thumbs up. I love the labyrinth concept in the Easter area where the bunny girl played hide and seek ( beware of the Hatter and Christmas Elf guys, they were super active ! ). However, the costumes of the actors were perfect, creepy and aesthetic at the same time !

Finally we made it to the end of #HHN7 's horror journey ! Glad to finish all 5 haunted houses and 2 scare zones, plus one show ( minus one show ). If I have to choose which one is my favorite, I would definitely say that Inside The Mind is the haunted house with the most out-of-the-box concept and I think you will regret it if you don't experience it by yourself ! The good news is, today is the first day of Halloween Horror Nights 7 in USS and you still have many chances to go until October, 29th ! The step is easy though, go directly to USS or just buy your ticket online through HHN7's official website !

What's inside my goodie bag - quite creepy, right ? 

Thank you so much Resorts World Sentosa for inviting me to Halloween Horror Nights 7 Media Preview ! I really adore the concept and creativity of this year's HHN and I just can't wait to experience another HHN next year !

Check the live experience on my vlog here :


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