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Known as face lift expert, Clariskin  brought  "Beautiphilosophy" for their recent event in Four Points Hotel, Surabaya, app...

Known as face lift expert, Clariskin brought "Beautiphilosophy" for their recent event in Four Points Hotel, Surabaya, approximately two weeks ago. This was my second time attending Clariskin's event and I must say that their events are always well-prepared, so that I want to share my experience with my readers, please keep reading until the end :)

Before the event started, we were pleased to have lunch and did some chit-chat with another invitees then later after that the MC welcomed us with some warm greetings and presented a fashion show from Fonny Tunggal as the opening of the event. Fonny Tunggal is known for her Ready-to-Wear collection and this time she presented two collections, first one is more like resort collection while the second one is more like futuristic evening wear. At this event too, some lucky women won the doorprizes which is gift voucher from Fonny Tunggal and one of our friend, Ikka, was also one of the lucky lady.

The main event finally started right after Fonny Tunggal's show. Talk show was held with Dr. Junivan Lindra ( the Head Aesthetic Doctor of Clariskin ), Mrs. Warren Tjandra ( fashion designer ), and Mrs. Melati Tengker ( Professional Make Up Artist ) as the speakers. From this talk show, I learned some new knowledges about beauty, especially the definition of "Beautiphilosophy" which is related with timeless beauty. Just like what Dr. Ivan said, to get a timeless beauty, we should have three foundations of beauty which are : texture, tone, and shape.

1. Texture - means we have minimum wrinkles, moistful skin, elastic, and small pores.
2. Tone - means we have fair and even tones with no pigmentation problem, such as acne scars.
3. Shape - means we have symmetrical face with firm skin, beautiful eye expression, sharp and narrow nose ( since nose is the center of the face ), high cheekbones with smaller jaws, and unbroken line from jaw to chin. ( see more here )

However, it's quite impossible to have such perfect criteria especially for people above 25, because their skins start to get old. That's why Clariskin as the beauty expert, here to give solution to people who wants to stay beautiful even in their mature ages. Mrs. Warren Tjandra, Angeline, and Anne as clients of Clariskin also confirmed that they got their treatments done in Clariskin and they really satisfied with the natural result.

Mrs. Anne as one of Clariskin's client 

Mrs. Angeline as one of Clariskin's client

After the talk show, the event still began with fashion show from Nancy Warren from Nancy Warren Couture. Just like the name of the brand, the collection was fulfilled with romantic couture dresses. Dominated with pink blush combined with black and 3D appliques, I can tell that this collection was inspired by Baroque era which can be seen from the pattern of the laces.

Photo Credits to Tephie 

Last but not least, I want to inform you guys that finally for the very first time, I won a grand prize! Yeah, this is no joke. I was super surprised and could not believe that I won IDR 10.000.000 gift voucher from Clariskin! I was beyond happy and I just can't wait to get my treatment at Clariskin. Any idea what kind of treatment should I take ? 

OOTD : Sherell Dress from ESYE

So that's all I got from Clariskin's event, I hope you find this post useful, and most of all, thank you Clariskin for having me :)

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  1. Thank you!
    Wow, what an amazing event! And all those women are beautiful!


  2. Another nice event! Love the fashion creations! °₊·ˈ

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  3. Such a nice event, I would like to participate this too :-)

  4. Wow, this event looks so cool, I wish that there would be more events like that in my area :)

  5. Thanks a lot :D

    I love this kind of events my friend :D You look great

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  6. How awesome! Big Congrats on winning the grand prize. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.
    Loving these designs. The fashion show is definitely my favorite part.




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