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Summer is a happy season for most of us because we can dress up as much as we like, showing off some skin, and playing cool with ac...

Summer is a happy season for most of us because we can dress up as much as we like, showing off some skin, and playing cool with accesories, but don't you realise that sometimes dress up during summer time is quite stressing? Why ? Because we have to consider about our look when we're inside the room ( which usually with air conditioner ) and when we're outside, where sun kisses our skin. Hence, I am going to share with you some easy tips on how to stay on point during summer which you can consider it versatile.

1. Choose Bright Colors Instead of Black
Black is perfect for everything, we never doubt that, but don't you also know that black can absorbs heat so much which means we can easily feel the heat touch our skin and makes us feel so warm ? On the other side, bright colors absorb less and reflect more heat so we will feel more comfortable. Yellow, blue, and pink are the biggest color trends for Spring-Summer 17, why don't choose some ?

2. Choose Lightweight Fabrics
This is a must. Cotton, sheer chiffon, linen are some of the best fabric choices for your summer outfit. Avoid fabrics such as brocade, wool, or fleece because those will make you suffer from heat.

3. Fit and Flare Style
Loose top or dress may seem comfortable for summer but sometimes it feels so ordinary. If you want to level up your versatile summer look, go try fit and flare style instead. Just like what you see in these pictures below, I was wearing overlap stripes crop top with high-waisted buttoned culotte ( fitted at the top, flared at the bottom ). I also paired them with silver pumps and tinted sunnies to enhance the chic look with touch of 70's vibe. Oh, anyway, if you're a guy, you can try a pair of chinos and paired with a lightweight buttoned up. It can also considered as a perfect day to night look.

I think this look is considered as versatile because it shows a little skin but still covers body from the unpredictable heat outside. What do you think ?

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18 Comment

  1. Very nice tips my dear! You look so chic in this styling, I love your pants :-)

  2. Your top is a masterpiece! What a beautiful blue color slightly brightened with white strips! And what an interesting shape! Great post as usually. Thanks for the tips ^^

    Have a nice day~

  3. This outfit is so on point! I love it especially the sunnies!!! <333


  4. Your top and pants are so outstanding! Amazing!

  5. I love those yellow sunnies and those trousers, dear! xxx

  6. Lovely pics. Pants and the glasses look great on you!!

  7. This look is so cool, it looks very girly but strong at the same time, you look like a powerful modern woman who loves fashion :)

  8. This is really amazing! Hope you can have a read at my new blog post.


  9. Wow! Chelshea you look really elegant and sophisticated. Love the outfit on you.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  10. Love this look! Very classy ♥

    Kisses B.

  11. Your outfit looks amazing! Loved reading the tips!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx, Kris

  12. You are always so pretty, Chels! Mau pakai look apa aja sih, tetep cucok ^^
    And your new hair... super love it!!! Akhirnya kamu jadi blonde, ya ;)
    Thanks too for the tips^^
    Stay healthy, Chels!

  13. I love your look especially the top!

  14. I love everything's here omg.. so obsessed with those sunnies and pants; those are amazing pieces.. sooo pretty you kakkk, i wish i can see you in real soon yaa

    kiko from Monochrome Diary

  15. I couldn't agree more with the summer styling tips. You look effortlessly stylish and chic.



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