[REVIEW] Etude House Baby Choux Base SPF 33 PA++ #Peach

For some of you who love Korean makeup brands, especially Etude House, may familiar with this product since it is not a new product fro...

For some of you who love Korean makeup brands, especially Etude House, may familiar with this product since it is not a new product from Etude. However, I still want to share my experience using this product to you guys just in case some of you haven't tried this yet. Frankly, it is not my first time trying Etude House Baby Choux Base because I have tried their Mint and Berry shades before but I found out that this Peach shade did an good job on my face so I decided to review this shade instead. Ok, let's start the review!

What it is :
Etude House Baby Choux Base comes with a soft and cushiony texture that delivers a smooth and powdery complexion. Consists of 3 shades : Mint, Berry, and Peach.
- Mint Choux  for redness problem
- Berry Choux for pale face which needs more color with cool tone result
- Peach Choux for face that have yellowish tone with warm tone result

How to use :
Dispense a certain amount and spread evenly onto skin, lightly patting to finish.


When it comes to packaging, Etude House never fails me. This Baby Choux Base comes in a light tube made from plastic and a jasmine paper box which has very cute design. The tube is securely sealed with foil and the hole size is just precise so it will not spilled easily.

It has sweet fragrance scent with thick watery texture and quite pigmented, which means I need extra effort to blend it on.

As you can see from the picture above, this peach makeup base has brightening effect which really obvious on my skin. It has powdery matte result with slight dewy finish and a great SPF. Although it doesn't cover any blemish or redness on my face, it successfully creates smaller pores effect ( I don't even need huge amount of foundation or BB cream ). In the other side, it doesn't make my makeup stays any longer because my T-zone area started to oily after 4 hours, but thankfully it doesn't cakey after all.

- Simply cute packaging
- Sweet fragrance scent
- Powdery matte result with slight dewy finish
- Great SPF
- 100% brighten up
- Creates smaller pores effect

- Need extra effort to blend (I suggest to blend it with beauty blender insted of patting with fingers)
- Doesn't cover any blemish or redness
- Staying power is just so-so

I like this Baby Choux Base in #Peach because of its brightening effect and high SPF, so sometimes I can just apply this base without using any BB cream or foundation, does it sounds so economic? Lol! However, compared to the other shades, I like this Peach shade the most because it fits well with my skin type ( yellow tone ) and the result is awesome!

After all, I still want to try another makeup base which has more benefit rather than this one. If you know some, don't hesitate to suggest me :)

Rate : 3 out of 5

After few times using this Baby Choux Base, my face started to red and itchy. I don't know why, I keep searching about the side effect but still can't find it so I decided to stop using this Baby Choux Base and stick to BB cream instead.

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  1. Great review post dear!
    Have a nice day! :)

  2. Nice review, sounds like a really great product :-)

  3. You have a flawless skin dear but the base gives a beautiful brightening result.
    Coco and Jeans by Marisa x My Instagram x My Bloglovin

  4. I've heard a lot about this base but I've never tried it because I have been using the Etude House Face Blur for smaller pores (ٛɲ˃ ˑ̣̮ ˂ٛɳ) Have you tried the Face Blur and would you say that the Baby Choux is a better base ? ~(≧◇≦)/゙゙゙゙
    Anyways, thanks for the review, you look super cute btw!♡

    XX xsunbunx.blogspot.com

    1. Yup, I have ever tried face blur before but it's just too white for my skin so I prefer the lighter one :) I am not going to say that Baby Choux is doing better since they both have similar effect to my face :)

  5. Oh, I'm sorry you didn't like everything about it. It looked promising at the beginning :D You never know. Finding a right base can be tricky but I definitely see its benefits on your face (although you're so pretty even without makeup ;) )


  6. With or without makeup you look beautiful nevertheless the shade looks good on you.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  7. Fantastic review Dear:) It looks very natural:)

  8. Nice product!
    I`m following ur blog with a great pleasure via GFC
    Please join me
    Sunny Eri: beauty experience

  9. I totally love Etude House! This product looks awesome! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  10. thank you for your review... I think it's not fit me well because I have big pores and blemish :(

    Cikita | cikitasiregar.com

  11. Aku sempat coba yg mint dan suka deeh.. Ampuh menyamarkan bekas acne dan dahiku yg naturally memang merah..

  12. Amazing post, dear! Looks wonderful :)
    Hugs <3

  13. I also read some similar review about this product, but on my skin tone I don't rally feel that any korean skincare or make up suitable on my skin. LOL
    The product working great on you anyway!


  14. I like how natural it looks on the skin :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  15. amazing!

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  16. aku prefer yang mint deh kayaknya, bisa mengcover bekas jerawat juga hihi
    by the way, hasilnya yang ini bagus ya di kamu keliatan kayak pakai bb cream~


  17. I have never heard of this brand but this product looks great.


  18. waaahhh.. cantik banget brightening effect nya. coba kalau dia oil control nya oke, pasti makin bagus ya.


  19. Etude House packaging is always super cute!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  20. Great review, Chelshea. Finding the right base is hard work. I finally found my holy grail and will stick to it, at least for the time being, lol.
    New update: Walking The Dog

  21. This product looks great
    thanks for sharing
    have a nice weekend

  22. Cute stuff!
    My sisters gonna love this


  23. The packaging is just too cute! :)

  24. such a great review ! (: Is it also available internationally ? because it really sounds great. <3

    1. Yup, it's also available internationally dear, you can just directly visit etudehouse's official website :)

  25. it looks great on you!
    but too bad cause it doesn't stay for long

    style frontier

  26. It's suitable for your skin tone, pretty dear.

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  28. Love the brightening effect this product gave you and always a plus that it protects from the sun because it's getting very hot.
    Have a lovely day!


  29. Yang Baby choux ini emang agak susah di blend ya, Chel. Aku pernah cobain tester nya dan bikin bruntusan kecil2. Kalau base dari Etude aku lebih suka yg Magic Any Cushion, yg peach juga. Lebih mudah diblend dan so far nggak bikin breakout juga:)



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