[REVIEW] Etude House Play 101 Contour Stick Duo : #Contour1

Happy December everyone! Literally, this is my favorite month of the year because Christmas is coming! Actually I am still on my way to...

Happy December everyone! Literally, this is my favorite month of the year because Christmas is coming! Actually I am still on my way to create some special posts about Christmas, so before that let's just do some warming up with a beauty product review from Etude House ! Literally, Etude released this Play 101 Contour Stick Duo approximately last year with one shade only ( #Contour1 ), but then they released the darker shade ( #Contour2 ). Okay, let's just heading to the review!

What it is :
A creamy contour duo that creates a look of authentic dimentionality of face.

How to apply :
Apply the highlighting color on T-zone, cheekbones and the shade color on sides of nose and below the jaw line.


Two sided stick which very light and easy to carry. There is no seal, it only comes with a simple paper box

Both has very creamy texture and easily blended, matte-finish. The highlighter is more like powder because it almost has no shimmer result and the shading has warm tone finish.

As you guys can see from the picture above, I drew straight lines on side of nose, upper chin, and jawline while highlighter on nose bridge, cheekbones, above lip and chin, then blend them gently with fingertip. Tadaa! The result is awesome and natural! However, I can't see the highlighter's effect, in the other side, I love how the shading works so well on my face!

- Convenient
- Easily blended
- Natural result
- Affordable price ( around $14 )

- The texture is too creamy
- Start to faded after 2-3 hours
- Highlighter is more like powder

For me, this contour stick is really helpful for any make up beginner ( include me ) because we don't need brush to apply and easily blended, moreover it's hand carry so we can bring it anywhere and retouch everytime! Unfortunately, this product couldn't be my haul because of the highlighter ( I prefer shimmer highlighter, you know, strobing is my favorite, lol! ). I think I should haunt for another contour and highlighter product, can you recommend me some ? I accept both Western or Korean or even Indonesia's local product!

Rate 3.5 out of 5

So, what's your favorite Contour - Highlighter product? :)

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  1. Wow this stick look really great!! :D
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  2. praktis banget emang produk ini, nggak perlu pakai beli concealer 2 warna seperti LA Girl. apalagi waktu liat tutorial Pony Makeup pake ini mukanya jadi tirus banget. :D
    kalai aku sih favoritnya tetep aja palette contour, jarang pakai contour dalem.


  3. Love this! Thank you so so much for sharing.

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  4. This stick is magnificent!!! Your face looks so perfect!!!

  5. wow your face looks so cool after that contouring:)

  6. Oh my Gosh, Chelsea you are such a beauty. Fabulous contouring.

  7. Looks interesting, great review Dear:)


  8. Oh looks like an amazing product! You look beautiful dear :)


  9. I was to say that loved to try this product but after see the cons I gave up. The durability is too short! kiss sweetie
    Coco and Jeans by Marisa x My Instagram x My Bloglovin

  10. Fantastic product and splendid reviews post thank you

  11. hi gorgeous... thanks for sharing this. i wanna try this soon :)

    It’s a Girl Thing

  12. anyway, wanna follow each other?
    just let me know :)

    It’s a Girl Thing

  13. I have never heard of this stick but it looks great.


  14. I will get green/blue contour play 101 stick for Christmas, but I was thinking about this one too! BTW, you contour like a pro! :D

    Have a nice day~


  15. Woow, fantastic review, tips and product! It looks so well and the makeup is very natural! You're beautiful :)

    xoxo honey ❤
    Melania | modeintechnicolor.blogspot.com

  16. ini wishlist ku tahun ini, tapi kok belum sempet kebeli... hasilnya bagus dan natural dan berhubung kamu bilang mudah di blend, aku jadi makin mupeng. Soalnya aku juga masih belajar contouring hehee...

  17. akhirnyaaaa nemuin reviewnya stick duo ini >3<)// dr kmrn2 bingung mau beli ato g. tp kayaknya highlighternya kurang ok yah. sukaa tutorialnya. so easy to follow .


  18. aku lagi cari contouring nih hehe kebetulan kamu kasih review etude house. kalau kulitku berminyak kira kira awet nggak ya pakai contouring macem gini?
    btw aku follow blog kamu. mind to follow me back? hehe :D


  19. Aku pingin beli ini sejak pertama kali keluar, tapi takut shadenya ngga cocok di wajahku :(
    Omong-omong bonekanya cantik *salah fokus*




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